Tuesday, August 2nd – woke 2:45A. Work by 5:30A

Tuesday, August 9th – woke 3:00A. Work by 5:30A

Wednesday, August 10th – woke 12:56A. Work by 4:50A

I. Am. Exhausted.

Which means my drive home is going to look something like this…


Hopefully there won’t be any fatalities. Seriously. I’ve fallen asleep at stop lights when in this condition. Didn’t realize I’d fallen asleep one time until I started dreaming and in the dream someone said, “This isn’t right”, and I somehow knew they were talking to and about me so I blinked which woke me up. Second scariest drive home I’ve ever made, first that didn’t involve alcohol.

There’s really no way I’m going to make it till one – which would be my full 8 hours. I can barely keep my eyes open as it is.




Sigh.  Hope you guys have a great Wednesday.

Love you.

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