I Write, Therefore I Rock.

I am a writer. Have been since I was seven or eight years old. Had big dreams of one day being a world renown, published author. Think Stephen King but with fewer nightmares, a permanent tan, and boobs. Anyway, in case it wasn't obvious, I've let a lot of life get between my dreams and … Continue reading I Write, Therefore I Rock.

To Plan or Not to Plan

It's not really a question you have to ask yourself. Unless like me, you realize you may have a slight addiction to planning that's getting in the way of you DOING anything to bring your plans to fruition. Hi WordPress. My name is Dana, and I'm a planner-holic. I was a Franklin Covey addict for … Continue reading To Plan or Not to Plan

Hi, My Name Is…

Oh, and something else to note, I’m a Black woman living in the U. S. of A. - We’ll unpack that as we go along, because it’s an aspect of my being that impacts every section of my life. For now, since this is our first official get together, I just want to keep things simple. And being Black in America is anything but simple.

Have You Ever Seen a Black Woman Cry in Public?

(Insomnia, Episode 6) Well, have you? I'm not talking about tears shed at a televised funeral. I'm talking about you're in your car, you turn to look into the car next to you and there's a Black woman openly, obviously sobbing? You may have been laboring under the misconception that Black women only show out … Continue reading Have You Ever Seen a Black Woman Cry in Public?