That’s It!

I imagined I’d write horror.  After all, it’s what I read, what I watched (the classics mostly), what I felt most of my childhood (bullying and assorted other traumas); what I dreamt most nights.  I wanted to be the monster under the bed for a change. But when I embraced my writing for real, what poured forth was self-love, self-awareness, healing, and romance. No problem, it’s what I needed so my Divinity and my Muse gave it to me in the form of my writing.

Extreme side note – Divinity has three “i’s”, three syllables…Father, Son, Holy Ghost? Or wait, is it four syllables which would then make my observation null? Hmmm.


Perhaps I’ve healed enough now because what’s coming to me more and more often aren’t the usual.

So of course, I’m going to put them all together and publish another collection. Working title? “The Darkness Before the Dawn.”  Yeah. That’ll work.


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