The Fact Behind the Fiction

What Do I Do? 

I write; I coach new writers; I publish.

Why Do I Do What I DO 

I’m all about building people up. There’s so much negativity in the world – I want to tell stories that are uplifting without being trite; I want to coach people so they reach THEIR goals, in a way that is organic and natural to them. I want to be a catalyst for good things in the world.

How Do I Do What I DO

  • Writing
  • Consulting
  • Public Speaking

What I’ve Done So Far 

Blog Posts: Choose from the titles there on the left of the screen under Most Recent Musings.


  1. Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1 (erotic, short stories) by Dana Ellington
  2. Let There Be Life (novella) by Dana Ellington
  3. Hello Diva (novel) by Dana Ellington
  4. Breaking Point (novel) by Dana Ellington
  5. Quiet Thoughts on the Noise of Life (essays, poetry) by Monyett Ellington
  6. Aphrodite’s Twin (short story collection) by Dana Ellington



  1. Writer’s workshops through Marietta Community School.  Click the link to find out when the next “So You Want to Write a Novel” coaching session is being held; registration is done online via the same link. :-).
  2. Annual Reading & Writer’s Workshop at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library in Denver, CO.  Click here for information this year’s event.
  3. Individual coaching sessions – sign up for one or the whole coaching program which takes you from ‘blank page to published’.  Sign up and pay in one stop by clicking here.
  4. Independent Authors Book Expo – Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting will be hosting an annual book launch party for independent authors in Denver and the surrounding metro area. One time registration fee will pay for a table, general advertising, and refreshments for your guests. This event will allow independent authors a chance to reach a wider audience without breaking the budget. Stay tuned for more information!

Where to Purchase 

  • Paperbacks

Square Market Place: Nowata Press. Books ship within 24 hours of order receipt.

B4~N~After Hair Salon. 350 Northridge Rd., Suite 2B, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Click HERE to read some reviews.  

For more information, contact me via email at

Thank You!

31 thoughts on “The Fact Behind the Fiction

  1. Before Dana’s books I could not bring myself to finish a fiction book (usually only reading chapter one if that far) but with her writing style I have not only finish a book but all four of her books and can’t wait for book five. Her writing style keeps you engaged in the story from beginning to the end. I never new fiction could be so relate-able and keep my attention until I read Dana’s books.

  2. Sorry it’s taken us so long to get by SSD. We’ve been locked away in our writing room trying to finish book #2 of our P-7 series but are almost done. Luv the blog & miss visiting with our friends but will soon be back on regular hours. Sharing your blog now. xo 🙂

  3. Can I just say how much I LOVE that your focus is on self love first? Between the day job and writing, I haven’t gotten to visit many of the blogs I follow. I’m so glad you linked up to Susie’s blog, giving me a chance to visit again. You. Are. Awesome. 🙂

  4. Sometimes to be true to yourself, you have to gut it up and travel that more difficult path. (These days, you may be ahead of the game keep your hand on all aspects of your work any way. No one will be pressuring you to change this or that to fit their concept.) Nice post

    1. Thank you! I was having a discussion just the other day about what I would have to do in order to be traditionally published and quite frankly, it’s just not worth it to me (so far, lol). I am enjoying this slow, but steady plod and will definitely maintain as much control over my written word as possible.

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