Tuesday, August 2nd - woke 2:45A. Work by 5:30A Tuesday, August 9th - woke 3:00A. Work by 5:30A Wednesday, August 10th - woke 12:56A. Work by 4:50A I. Am. Exhausted. Which means my drive home is going to look something like this... Hopefully there won't be any fatalities. Seriously. I've fallen asleep at stop lights … Continue reading @_@

BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 3

You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here. As I'd mentioned, in June I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy. I liked the idea of having a definitive fitness program to follow as my half-assed attempts over the last few years hadn't netted any lasting or noticeable results in my physical appearance.  Anyway, of course … Continue reading BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 3

“The fact that so many people today are depressed…”

"...is a sign that something's WRONG"  (emphasis is mine).  Quote from Marianne Williamson on an old episode of Marie Forlio TV. I'm trying y'all, I really am...and this showed up. Thank you Universe, Goddess, God, Buddha, the Ancestors, et. al.


I'm on week one of my 2nd Nerd Fitness Challenge, week two of my own Life/Fitness Challenge; the Eight Week Challenge on The Caffeinated Writer is in week three and has some new participants (check them out via links found here). In lieu of all this "challenging" going on, I am looking at some key … Continue reading Accountability

Lost and Forgotten

I have misplaced my CD case with ALL of my Prince CDs. I realized it last night. I have no recollection of seeing it last so of course, have no idea where to look. I've been doing some "getting ready to move" house cleaning.  I have a dismally foreboding feeling in the pit of my stomach … Continue reading Lost and Forgotten

Thoughts on my morning walk.

Anything learned can be un-learned or replaced. What do you gain or lose by changing the way you THINK about something?  What does it hurt for you to stop seeing through hate, selfishness; the things your mother or father did or didn't do to you / for you / with you / because of you … Continue reading Thoughts on my morning walk.

Prepare to be in pain.

Does any of this sound familiar? This is going to hurt. It's going to be uncomfortable and I'm going to be embarrassed. I'm going to fail, I'm going to make mistakes.  I'm going to be in pain some of the time.  There may be tears, and most certainly frustration. Some may try to sabotage, others … Continue reading Prepare to be in pain.

What You Accomplish Every Day Is to Your Self-Esteem, What Water Is to Your Life – Sira Masetti

Having goals is something ordinary, while committing to the right ones and being able to achieve them is what shows one's real value. In other words, if we dedicate our time and our efforts to whatever we like, we have far too many objectives to reach. And guess what happens next? We are not able … Continue reading What You Accomplish Every Day Is to Your Self-Esteem, What Water Is to Your Life – Sira Masetti

Rocks and Other Hard Places

I have found myself betwixt (love that word) some rather solid "objects" as of late. Situations where there are only evils to choose from. Situations that often start with, "I can't afford to do this but if I don't, the price I'll pay in the long run will kill my soul." I said earlier today … Continue reading Rocks and Other Hard Places

Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)

Seriously, I've been hearing people use the "baby steps" analogy to achieving goals for years (and years, and um...years.  I'm almost 50 you know 🙂 ) but until this year I'm not quite sure I got it. I mean, yes, it's obvious they're saying to take little, short in length, tip-toe type steps to reach … Continue reading Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)