BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 4

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I had never heard of washi tape but the lovely women in the planner videos used it to enhance, color code, and just dress up their journals.

At first, I bought a small roll of purple, glittery washi tape. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use it so it appears as a few little strips here and there in May. I used it as a page edge wrap on a few pages in June, but it’s rough to the touch so I’m a little more selective on where I put it.  But I was serious about incorporating washi into my journal so I went out and bought a small tube of variable width washi in some groovy colors. I then set about putting it some of everywhere – along the edges, as borders, and as a way to stick stuff in between pages and such.  LOVE, but there’s no real rhyme or reason to it. It’s like coloring outside the lines for me.


And while I like pretty much every layout I’ve seen, I’ve made it a point to design my own. That’s one of the major pros when it comes to the Bullet Journal system. It is infinitely customizable.

Which means, thanks to my ADOSS, I am coming up with infinite ways to configure it. I come up with an idea, put it in my journal, then see something else I like and want to try so then that goes in my journal as well. I did my June monthly spread about a week or so into May (after my first 50 YouTube videos). My July spread and weekly design went in around the end of May and my August spread went into my notebook the first week in June (after my next 30 or so YouTube videos).  I at least stopped myself at putting just the September month-at-a-glance page into my notebook at the end of June. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask you to ignore the pencil marks where I’ve started sketching out how I want my dailies to look in September. As well as the pencil marks where I’ve sketched out a couple of different trackers I want to incorporate. Sigh. Much like the way I write a book, there is no outline; no logical progression or format.

Speaking of which, aside from the various types of notebooks, journals, binders, covers, there are stamps, sticker sets, PENS & ACCESSORIES…again, ALL the SHINY!!  How in the world am I supposed to not get caught up?

Part 5, coming up

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