2:33 AM – Deja Vu

Hey. This post is sponsored by our friends at Insomnia International, the Migraine Fairy Brigade, and Excedrine. Guess who's been awake since 2:30 AM? And if we take a stroll through the archives, I'd be willing to bet there are at least four other posts with similar times in their titles. Sigh. Since I'm up, … Continue reading 2:33 AM – Deja Vu

I Can’t Feel my Feelings Anymore

I've felt too much over the last two months and now I can't feel much of anything. Well, there is that slow simmering anger that seems to find new and interesting ways to show up. The cause of which I'm reluctant to write about lest it be read by the current regime thus leaving me … Continue reading I Can’t Feel my Feelings Anymore

A Roach in my Bed – a quick tale of terror.

So yeah, I've moved into the new place. I'll be back with a more in depth post about all of that, suffice to say for this interlude, I am really diggin' where I'm living.  Or at least I was. To have seen the occasional critter since moving in was not too big of a deal. … Continue reading A Roach in my Bed – a quick tale of terror.


Tuesday, August 2nd - woke 2:45A. Work by 5:30A Tuesday, August 9th - woke 3:00A. Work by 5:30A Wednesday, August 10th - woke 12:56A. Work by 4:50A I. Am. Exhausted. Which means my drive home is going to look something like this... Hopefully there won't be any fatalities. Seriously. I've fallen asleep at stop lights … Continue reading @_@

1:47 AM to 5:30 or so

Uh, yeah. Sinus pain, runny nose.  Nasal swelling so tight I can feel my pulse through my nostril up to behind my eye. Wake up to go to the bathroom (because of course, in my effort to live healthier, I'm drinking ALL the water) at 1:47 am.  Brain decides since I'm up, it should share … Continue reading 1:47 AM to 5:30 or so

3:00 AM and I want to play 20 Questions.

Awake. Let's play 20 Questions.  I'll ask, you answer. Or at the very least, I want you to THINK, really think and come up with HONEST answers. I once wrote, "we lie best when we lie to ourselves."  Not sure if that was an original thought or if I heard it somewhere and forgot where … Continue reading 3:00 AM and I want to play 20 Questions.

Utter, Random, Senseless Nonsense

Oh the redundancy. It's fitting though as for some reason I have "Wasting away in Margaritaville / searching for my lost shaker of salt / ....some say there's a woman to blame / but I know, it's my own damn fault" circulating in my head.  My brain has tossed in the occasional, even more random thought or … Continue reading Utter, Random, Senseless Nonsense

Fantasy? Reality? Which one is really me?

An over blown sense of responsibility? Fear? Definitely a combination of the two is what has me waking up at the slightest noise of a loved one with in earshot. They aren't in distress, but it sounds like it when they cough in the night with a cold - I hear it and think pneumonia, … Continue reading Fantasy? Reality? Which one is really me?