Let the training montage begin!

That’s right guys, the first level of my transformation into super agent Onyx Butterfly has been booked.

I signed up for 12 sessions with a personal trainer who just happens to work exclusively with clients over 40 years of age. It was kismet. I had just decided to invest the money in a personal trainer and sat down to hit up Google to search for an affordable person in my area. Lo and behold, this trainer was the top of the list. The name of his gym is Better Bodies, the same name as the gym I went to (and loved) in Denver. Coupled with the fact that the bulk of his work has been for folks in my age range and older, I immediately called to schedule my free consultation.

I. AM. GEEKED!!  The gym is the perfect size. Brett used to be a wrestler and he’s built like a super hero. I’m going to be HUGE! Okay, well maybe not huge but I’m thinking I can build some substantial muskels (giggle) in 12 concentrated sessions. Might even be able to finally do a pull-up and a real push-up.

I am so HAPPY right now…

Now, we’ll see how well I’m feeling by week three, lol!


4 thoughts on “Let the training montage begin!

  1. Awesome!! The best thing about a trainer I think is that they can teach you stuff you can do when you’re on your own so you can make the most of all of your workouts.

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