By Day…

I’m a mild mannered human-BEing busy doing what needs to be done. You know, the mundane, day-to-day minutiae that makes up an ordinary life.

But by night (and by night I mean as soon as I leave my day job), I’m a fanged super operative, code name: Onyx Butterfly (don’t worry, I won’t have to kill you now that you know. Just be sure you don’t tell anyone, okay?). My mission is to transform things (get it, like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? You’re smart, you didn’t need me to point that out. Sorry. I’m new at this so…).  Ahem. My mission is to transform things; like negative self images into positives, random words into entertaining pieces of fiction and blog posts; thus saving the world from disintegrating into chaos one positive transformation at a time.

Much like Superman has his fortress of solitude, and Batman (aka Christian Bale…HINT…I mean really, what made folks think Ben Afleck could ever do the character justice after…oh sorry); just like Batman has the batcave, I’m building Nowata Press Publishing and Consulting, my ‘mission control’ center.  From there I will be able to respond to the world’s needs for humans with strong self-esteem who will then go out and spread their version of good in the world. Or something like that.  I haven’t quite gotten the super-hero-y way of saying I coach folks through to the achievement of their goals which builds their self-esteem which then, or so I hope, puts them in positions to spread the good.  It’s my desire to leave a legacy of positive change that drives me to write the types of fiction I write, to do the writing workshops, and to offer my brand of life-coaching (if writing isn’t your thing).

Since we live life ever forward, transformations are inevitable. I’m striving to make them memorable, and in ways that move me toward my desires. Don’t want to get to the transformation from living to whatever lies beyond with out having given this existence my all.  Might as well have some fun while I’m doing it eh? Hence the alter ego, Onyx Butterfly. She’s going to be the personality I don when I need to power through an excuse or a fear. And yes, she has fangs. Think of them as being the same as Batman’s mask, or Clark Kent’s glasses.  Once they’re in, no one will be able to tell that’s just plain ole Dana doing those great and wonderful, sometimes silly or potentially embarrassing things.

You may be wondering where all of this is coming from. Well, I’ll tell you in another post real soon. In the meantime,  need to start working on my cape.

Ohhhh, yeah…she’s right. No capes. Maybe I’ll stick to the corset and leather look…

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Now that’s more like it :-).

Have a great day you guys!

Love ya!

9 thoughts on “By Day…

      1. Alexandra Shipp is playing Storm in “X-Men: Apocalypse”. She shaved part of her head and is gonna sport the mohawk.

      2. Just looked up Ms. Shipp – why does Hollywood have a problem with casting a darker skinned Black Woman in this role? Storm is from Kenya for goodness sakes. The majority of tribal nations found in Kenya feature men and women with dark skin…petty complaint to most, I’m sure, but Storm happens to be my one and only FAVORITE comic book heroine. Why oh why can’t Hollywood get it right?

      3. Also, they’re setting her up as a homeless kid on the streets of Cairo. Um . . . SHE WAS CONSIDERED A GODDESS where she came from! Way to lessen her even more!

        And, yeah: she should be a lot darker. I’m guessing the only way they’re going to explain it is that she’s Egyptian.

      4. I haven’t seen any of them but the first from both groups, and “First Class” I watched on TV. Storm is one of my favorites as well, and part of her beauty has been the fact that she’s used to being treated like a queen and a goddess, and she’s not afraid to drop that on some fool at any moment. Now, suddenly, she’s just gonna be some street smart kid, and that’s why she’s got a mohawk. Naw, her reasons for punking out were far more complex. Blame Fox once again for screwing things up.

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