One down, seven more to go.

Picture this, I'm drunk, dressed in something cute with my high heels on, burning up the dance floor with all kinds of enthusiasm for roughly four to five songs in a row, with maybe a break as I switch dance partners, go to the bar for a rest and some water, or make a quick … Continue reading One down, seven more to go.

I’ve Fallen…But I Will Get Up

All it takes is one moment of reluctance and BAM, off the wagon I go. You see, I didn't want to break into my savings to cover groceries, so I didn't go to the grocery store. My ingredients on hand did not allow for adequate food prep for the entire week so here I sit, … Continue reading I’ve Fallen…But I Will Get Up

On My Mark, Getting Set…

Alright you guys, challenge starts tomorrow. And I can honestly say, I'm already freaking out a bit. You know why? I'm making changes in my lifestyle; attempting to establish new habits. Always a daunting task. I finally got my Fit Bit Aria scale linked to wi-fi and all. Stepped on it and uh, ouch, lol. … Continue reading On My Mark, Getting Set…

Let the training montage begin!

That's right guys, the first level of my transformation into super agent Onyx Butterfly has been booked. I signed up for 12 sessions with a personal trainer who just happens to work exclusively with clients over 40 years of age. It was kismet. I had just decided to invest the money in a personal trainer … Continue reading Let the training montage begin!

Tis that season too.

It was around this time last year that I won the FitBit Flex through a contest at work. I quickly got caught up in tracking my steps, my calories, my weight and my body fat percentage. I started walking for exercise - taking breaks during the work day to stroll the perimeter of the business … Continue reading Tis that season too.

Funny How That Works

Each death caused me to examine life. The one I was living, the one I wanted to live. My father's (2/1999) prompted my divorce, my Aunt Joyce's (1/2012) kicked off my intensive self-work, my Aunt Elaine's (3/2015) triggered my spiritual self-work, and my Aunt Loretta's (12/2015) provided the push to get back on track with my mission to lead … Continue reading Funny How That Works

And so it begins…

Figured I'd pop in early on Day 1 and well, drop a few words.  Since I've already shared the "before" pics, might as well share the stats that go along with them: Age: 47 (soon to be 48) Height: 5' - 6.5" (I'm shrinking, lol.  I once stood a whole 5' - 7.75") Chest: 40" … Continue reading And so it begins…