Day 1 Challenge – Done

June 1st – Wear an outfit you feel GREAT in.

I had a small event tonight. I had my dress all pressed, cute sandals set out, and a quick splash of polish on my toe nails. About 10 minutes before the event was to start, I looked down at my nicely fitting, faded jeans; took a gander at my starched button down casually worn with sleeves rolled up into neat cuffs; my Nike sneakers still looking brand new. I felt great. Comfortable. Relaxed even. I decided not to change clothes but instead, switch out the sneakers for the sandals and go for it.

While I have yet to experience any real anxiety when it comes to public speaking, I will often agonize over what to wear. What to put on so I look the part. Tonight, I decided to go with what felt good, just as I’d challenged you all to do and my confidence soared. I was comfortable, relaxed, and focused on delivering my content with heart. Quite liberating indeed.

What did you pick? Let me know in the comments.

Will be back tomorrow with the day’s challenge results.

Sending love and light, and the right outfit for any occasion ;-),



2 thoughts on “Day 1 Challenge – Done

  1. I took a cue from you and did something I rarely do: I bought new clothes. Usually worn and used is the look I go for. Well, I don’t go for it, but it is what my budget allows. This time I bought a pair of shorts I’m told is not a weird shade of red but salmon, and a simple three button blue striped t-shirt. This goes against my normal grain because there was nothing witty or snide written in bold letters on the shirt.

    I felt pretty good. Thanks for the inspiration.

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