Birth Month – Let’s Do This!

So yeah. I didn’t get to celebrate my 50th the way I wanted to. But since I’m a grow’d-up, I figure I can do what I want, and that means, I’m calling a do-over! That’s right, this year, my 51st trip around the sun will kick off with a 50th birthday celebration of my choosing.

And I choose the following:

1. To take from the pages of Dr. Brene Brown‘s books, The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly, to now practice living a Wholehearted Life.

2. Challenge you, dear readers, to do something similar – I have a calendar of daily tasks / activities for you to download. Complete that day’s activity, then share it on the social media of your choice. I’ll be sharing mine on the blog here.

3. Having my 50th birthday dinner at LIPS in Atlanta. I’ve wanted to go for ages, but alas, my circle of friends isn’t as open as I am so I’d put it off. But this year, I decided I was going with or without. I’m so excited.

4. Having my 51st birthday dinner on my actual birthday. I’m making it an open invitation kind of thing. If folks show up great, if not, no big deal.

5. Going toy shopping. It’s been ages since I bought myself something fun – there are a couple of board games I want as well as a couple of cool jigsaw puzzles.

And that my friends, is how I’m rolling the entire month of June.  I’m going to…


Join me, won’t you?

Sending Love & Light!


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