Challenge Day 2 – Bust, But…

Ha, ha… yeah, so “play a game, just for the fun of it.”  What I had in mind was sitting down with my sister and having her teach me how to play Apples to Apples. We ended up talking for several hours – catching up on each other’s lives since we don’t talk that often.  It was fun so technically, I still met that half of the challenge.

Today’s challenge is to meditate / pray / sit in silence (pick one) for 10 minutes. I can check that off as I began my day with a 30 minute guided meditation. I’ve not established a regular meditation practice yet, as in I don’t meditate daily. I do however meditate as often as I can. I find it over all relaxing as well as a great way to generate new ideas, come up with solutions, or ease any anxiety I might be feeling.

If you’ve never meditated before, there are a ton of options to be had via YouTube or apps on your phone.  Here’s one of my go-to’s from YouTube:

Are you participating in my BDay challenge? How’s it going for you so far? As always, you’re welcome to chat it out in the comments.

Sending love, light, and mindfulness!


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