You Can’t Stop the Migraine Fairy – and other ‘drug’ induced nonsense

The essential oils I’ve been slathering on almost nightly now for two months; the meditation I attempt before falling asleep; the increased exercise (if you can call the walking I do ‘exercise’) and healthier eating…all of that combined has worked to reduce the number of headaches I have considerably, but when the Migraine Fairy decides she wants to kick me in the head, she does so without hesitation.  She’s getting pretty sneaky I’ve noticed.  Used to be I could see her coming – if there was a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico (or I was drinking any type of hard alcohol, lol), my temple would begin to tingle or ‘tick’ as I call it. By the time the front had reached my part of the continent (or I’d reached the bottom of the glass), my brain would be under full assault by “Miss Pointy-Steel Toed-Spiked Heels” as she stomped the left side of my head to a mangled pulp. I’d toss the OTC migraine med at Her by the handful and sometimes, that would be enough to keep myself upright, other days, not so much and I’d be forced to take to my bed until She got tired and flitted off to do Her tap dancing elsewhere.

Last night, She snuck into my dream, giving me a head-ache in the midst of whatever fantasy was playing out in my sub-conscious. I know it’s going to be bad when my dream self has a headache. I woke to the ticking; my left temple gearing up for what I could tell would be one of the Migraine Fairy’s most vigorous dance routines. I have since taken the OTC, attempting to head Her off (is that considered a pun?). Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, the effects of the OTC (I’m quite the light weight) have me in that unusual state of euphoria.  I’m suddenly wanting to forgive my enemies, express my love and gratitude to a couple of ex-boyfriends…I want to finish writing my latest draft all in one sitting as the voices are suddenly so freakin’ clear – even though I’m not quite sure of what they’re saying. I don’t feel attached to my body, if that makes any sense.  Each time I take one of those stupid pills, I know this is going to happen and I dread it almost as much as I do the pain but I’ll endure this weird state of “out-of-body” if it means I won’t have to deal with the pain. Yet again, here’s hoping.

Because sometimes, I end up feeling weird and the pain seeps through anyway. Then I’m ‘high’ and queasy, and in pain. Not a good combination for sure.

Since there isn’t any real weather brewing anywhere in the northern hemisphere that I know of, and I’ve not had any alcohol in weeks, I’m wondering what’s brought the Fairy this time. There’s been a lot of death and sickness around me lately – someone’s 3 or 4 month granddaughter passed a day ago; another somebody’s niece is in the hospital fighting pneumonia; my aunt died three months ago and her sister-in-law passed two weeks ago; my mother has been talking about her will and burial wishes as she prepares for end of life. All of this has me contemplating my death in that bizarre way I have – that shiver inducing wondering what happens once the life force that animates me has dissipated…if it’s like sleep, will there be endless dreaming? *shudder*  There’s been some stress at work too. Nothing I’d consider major on the surface, but it’s been big enough to prompt my version of a confrontation (which I have spent my life to date avoiding like my life depended on never raising my voice, or expressing my anger towards another person to their face).

A bunch of little life type things, all adding up to trigger my flight response.  Could this be what invited the Migraine Fairy this go ’round?

Hey…the pain is gone. But alas, I’m still floating…


Come to think of it, I’ve been thinking about and seeing a lot of spiders lately too…hmmmm.

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