Almost makes me wish my Twitter account was active.

This one statement popped into my head at o'dark stupid this morning: Did you know the average American lives their entire life without dying? Yeah, I would have tweeted that. But, oh well. NaNo Word Count as of 11/7: 12,899.  Slow...but steady. My male characters seem a bit reluctant to share. Go figure. And of … Continue reading Almost makes me wish my Twitter account was active.

You Can’t Stop the Migraine Fairy – and other ‘drug’ induced nonsense

The essential oils I've been slathering on almost nightly now for two months; the meditation I attempt before falling asleep; the increased exercise (if you can call the walking I do 'exercise') and healthier eating...all of that combined has worked to reduce the number of headaches I have considerably, but when the Migraine Fairy decides … Continue reading You Can’t Stop the Migraine Fairy – and other ‘drug’ induced nonsense

Self-sabotage; related to insanity perhaps?

Yeah, I'm thinking self-sabotage and insanity (the one where you do the same thing over and over expecting different results each time, not the one that has you, well...needing extensive therapy and or psychotropic drugs) are one in the same. Both leave you expending a bunch of useless energy to end up right back where … Continue reading Self-sabotage; related to insanity perhaps?

And the Winner Is…

NaNo-ites (NaNo-vians?) all over the world sent up a collective cheer as the refreshed NaNoWriMo site went live a few days ago. Since then, the interwebs has been a flutter with posts, status updates, tweets and such as writers took to updating their NaNo profiles.  I wasn't sure which novel I was going to attack … Continue reading And the Winner Is…

Thunderstorms and Nightmares

First, the thunderstorms.  I woke to one playing around the atmosphere this AM at who-knows-what time.  I'd gotten to bed a little after ten and fell asleep almost immediately. Waking to the rumble of thunder stopped being scary in college when my depression was at its zenith or should that be at its nadir? --- … Continue reading Thunderstorms and Nightmares

side note – please respond

So, my first self-help deal didn't pan out.  I had beta-testers lined up, survey responses compiled, then only one person followed through.  I abandoned the project after two months, sad that I didn't get nearly the level of response I had hoped for. But the desire to uplift / connect / be a positive influence … Continue reading side note – please respond

Since We’re on the Subject

Yes, so...I don't know. Should I or shouldn't I? With all this talk about depression and such, I can't help but to be reminded of my experiences with it. I won't say I'm "cured" but that I have learned how to LIVE with it.  I wonder if adding my story to the already thousands out there … Continue reading Since We’re on the Subject

Divine Intervention (original March 28, 2013)

This originally appeared on my old website. Decided it had some good info in it so I'm re-posting it. 🙂 Enjoy! Do you believe in God? I’m the first to say I believe in a “higher” power but not as it’s represented in most (so called) organized religions.  Too much human tampering and interpretation and using … Continue reading Divine Intervention (original March 28, 2013)

That moment when you write the defining scene or lines of your novel.

 "I'm tired of men only loving me with their words, or their penises. I want... no, I deserve a man who loves me with his actions, his body, his words, his, well, everything. Because in case you hadn't noticed, I love with all I have, and all I do."  Jocelyn (heroine of my second WIP … Continue reading That moment when you write the defining scene or lines of your novel.

Halfway to Nowheresville

Revelations in love and life - Actions speak louder than words. I have not because I DO not. In other words, I have been giving a lot of lip service to my goals, core desired feelings, book marketing, etc.  I'm good at talking but as evidenced by my ever-expanding waist line, my consistently short bank … Continue reading Halfway to Nowheresville