Speaking of Spiders and other things…

Yeah, seriously – not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me but spiders have shown up big in my world these past few weeks. There’s one living on my front stoop in the space between a post and the top of the little easement that covers the front stoop. It’s nocturnal (a vampiric spider?) as in sometime during the night it builds a web, then sits in the middle of it.  As I’m leaving for work in the AM, the sun is barely shedding any light and I can see the large roundness of its abdomen very clearly in the shadows (the one I ran into a few posts ago was a 2-D, flat-bodied model, the one on my stoop is really 3-D in its roundness).  It doesn’t seem to mind if I just pass by, but as soon as I stop, turn and look at it full on (in an effort to squelch the fear or solidify the nightmares, I haven’t decided what it is that makes me want to get a better look), it scurries across its web which in turn makes me flee to the perceived safety of my vehicle. *shudders at the memory*  If there’s anyone on the reading list who has the least bit of spider knowledge, might you be able to tell me what type of horror I’m sharing a front stoop with?  I’d appreciate it.  No pictures though, I’m having a hard enough time with this as it is.

My next bit of random nonsense has to deal with the font change on WordPress. It would appear that the WordPress tech gurus have spoken with my eye doctor. The font is in a bolded Arial that makes it impossible for me NOT to see each letter with a clarity reserved for when I’m wearing my bifocals.  I appreciate it, I really do, but…um, it looks as if I’m angry typing.  The words aren’t in all caps, but their thickened, bold appearance comes across as rather ‘in your face’.  I’m grateful that the finished post doesn’t appear the same.  It’s bad enough that you may or may not be seeing my theme anymore when you click the blog from your reader and instead get the plain background of “yawn”.  It would be doubly worse if you also got slapped in the eyeballs with this bolded font.

That’s it for this mornings ramblings. Go forth and enjoy your day!

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