Eight Legged Freaks…or Good Omens

Either way, I am arachnophobic (is that a proper word?). So what does Life send me as good omens? Uh huh. And it can’t be little, tiny ones either. Oh no, it’s got to be the urban, jumbo size.


Well, at the new house (which I have yet to write about. Maybe this weekend…), I’d been blessed with the occasional cockroach / waterbug, whatever you want to call them.  Those large, redish-black, monster beetle like things (one of them with WINGS for goodness sakes).  Those are bad enough. Especially when they FLY!!!    But then, a couple of months or so ago, there was this non-descript (which I’m sure was a spider) sort of tan, multi-legged critter that JUMPED toward me as I tried to kill it.  It managed to get right up on me while I was sitting in my favorite spot on my couch. Gack. I flicked it off the couch, leapt to safety and ran to get the bug spray. I was shooting the stream of poison from about two feet away and that’s when it JUMPED toward me. Oh the horror.


Last night though, shortly after I registered for the New York deal, this large, grey, obviously – spider appears in the middle of the floor, heading straight for the couch as if purposefully wanting me to see it. I jump up to a standing position on the couch, leap to safety, then run for my shoe.  Mind you, by this time, the eight legged monster has made its way to the couch. I swat at it from behind, just missing it as it disappears underneath the very section of the sofa I was sitting on. It’s going to be days before I can sit on the couch, let alone anywhere in the room.


My phobia aside, was that the Universe sending me tidings that my trip to New York was a done deal? That I’m going to somehow come up with the money, a place to stay, and a way to safely get there and back?

I’d like to believe that with all my heart. Even if it was a flipping spider delivering the message.

5 thoughts on “Eight Legged Freaks…or Good Omens

  1. There’s some statistic out there that states that there are thousands of spiders around us. We just can’t see them. Ha! Probably one of those Tall Tales!
    I vote for GOOD OMEN!

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