A Roach in my Bed – a quick tale of terror.

So yeah, I’ve moved into the new place. I’ll be back with a more in depth post about all of that, suffice to say for this interlude, I am really diggin’ where I’m living.  Or at least I was.

To have seen the occasional critter since moving in was not too big of a deal. The place had been vacant for I don’t know how long so it was bound to have a few residents of the multi-legged kind.  I came in, cleaned and sprayed all the baseboards, nooks, and crannies with pesticide, then began unpacking.

Yeah well…on my return to bed last night after having taken the vitamins I’d forgotten to take before going to bed, I spy a critter actively checking out the door frame of the hall bathroom. By the time I returned with something with which to smoosh it, it had disappeared. I climbed into bed, saddened at the thought that I would now have to wonder where it had gone to. My over active imagination conjuring up all sorts of horrid outcomes.

A sound caught my attention; that of a moth fluttering its wings. I looked around, not being able to pinpoint where it had come from or if I’d really heard anything at all. I lie still for a few beats, sleep slowly making its way to my conscious brain. I heard the noise again, this time though it sounded as if it were coming from my window sill which is just above my head board. I turn my head to look at the window and spy the roach making its way across the pillow next to me.

Insert a round of foul language here.  I scramble out of bed. Pissed off and creeped out. The critter made its way onto my headboard at which time I make the connection that the fluttery noise I heard was the damn thing FLYING up from the floor to get on my bed, then it FLYING AGAIN to get up onto the pillow.

Shoe in hand, I was able to cause it some injury as I whacked it and it fell behind my headboard. I want to burn my bed.

I spent the rest of the night attempting to sleep in my two Papasan chairs in the living room under the watchful glow of the recessed lighting. Well, at least I was able to get about three hours of sleep after having immediately typed a request for a quote from Orkin.

I don’t know how I’m going to sleep in that bed again. Sigh.

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