WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

Wednesday – small spider on my desk about six inches from my hand. Have no idea when it got there or from which direction it came, but there it sat. Co-worker squished is as I did not have the heart, nor the desire to.  Despite the fact that my arachnophobia wouldn’t have allowed me to go back into my office until the spider had been removed.

Thursday – get home from my evening walk and there are three spiders on my front stoop; a Daddy Long Leg (which is pretty much the only one I know by sight) tucked on the wall between the mailbox and the screen door molding, a larger, fuzzy looking grey spider on the ground, hugging the base of the wall where it meets the concrete of the stoop, and my resident vampire spider which had come out for the night. I swear, THAT one is getting bigger by the day. *shudders*  And, as if those three weren’t enough, there was a small one in a corner in my bedroom.



spirit meaning1

(info from  http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/symbolic-spider-meaning.html)
(info from http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/symbolic-spider-meaning.html)

I’m happy to read all that as I struggle to come to terms with my phobia. I like the supposedly good “omen” these multi-legged critters represent, just wish they weren’t so…well, creepy.  Would love to know what I need to do to show the Universe, God, Goddess, Buddha, The Ancestors, etc. that I got the message so They’d feel okay with sending the message to someone else, ;-).  I’m sure there are plenty of others who could use a little eight-legged magic in their lives.

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