I’ve been converted (a brief interlude).

I wasn’t sure it could happen to me. And it makes me wonder now what else I’ve been missing out on because of some preconceived notions that were based on general hear-say, fears, and other uninformed sources.

I’m talking about essential oils and their effectiveness. You may recall a few posts back I wondered about essential oils – I’d had them recommended to me on and off over the years, but for whatever reasons, had just never tried them. Well, this past trip back to the homestead, I purchased a few bottles of things I’d researched that would “help” with my head aches and insomnia (a.k.a. 24-7 low-level anxiety / stress).  I had a friend who is very knowledgeable about such things mix me up a potion that I was to rub on my neck and shoulders before bed.

I began using it that night and have every night since April 25th.  I still wake multiple times during the night, I still get the occasional ticking in my head as a thunderstorm approaches or if I haven’t eaten in a long time, but I find that I’m more relaxed, not as cranky when I wake up in the mornings no matter how much my sleep was interrupted. And that ticking in my head hasn’t manifested into a migraine yet. In fact, the pain tends to fade after a few hours or stops completely a few minutes after I’ve rubbed the oils on.  Are the effects real or psychosomatic? I honestly don’t care at this point.  Real or imagined, my head doesn’t hurt and I’m more able to relax. I’m not popping the OTC head ache meds like candy nor suffering from their side effects. I feel good.

I’m not suddenly preaching that essential oils are the way to go for all that ails you, just sharing a bit of my story as writers are wont to do :-).  I began most of my research from sites I found on Google; I asked shop owners who dealt in essential oils as well as users for their input well before I settled on which oils and in what combinations I was going to use. I recommend if you’re interested, you do the same.

Resembles the collection on my night stand, lol. Image copied from: http://campwander.com/2012/11/essential-oils-101-4-categories/
Resembles the collection on my night stand, lol.
Image copied from: http://campwander.com/2012/11/essential-oils-101-4-categories/

2 thoughts on “I’ve been converted (a brief interlude).

    1. Amen. I’m adding a cinnamon and clove mix to the arsenal – it’ll be my daytime rub. I bought a small vial to use as a “perfume” and am loving how I feel during the day as I catch wiffs of it. Hoping to add a touch of vanilla to it as then I’ll spend my days smelling of my two favorite scents in the whole world.

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