“…Willing to do the work”

It’s nine something in the evening. I’m in my jammies, snuggled into bed when I hear this phrase, “I know what I want, but am I willing to do the work to get it?”  I immediately got up out of bed, put my tee shirt and yoga pants on and did a circuit on my body weight workout for the first time.

That my friends, is the key phrase, “willing to do the work”.  Well…are you? Those goals aren’t going to achieve themselves. Resolutions do not magically come to fruition. It takes physical / mental / emotional effort on your part to move things along.

So, I did the one circuit, showered then got back in my jammies and back into bed feeling proud that I’d done something. That one circuit may not have seemed like much, but it made a difference in how many calories I burned through the night. And those few extra burnt calories moved me just that much further toward a goal. I don’t care if the movement is measured in minuscule amounts because it’s still forward momentum. It’s a tiny tiny step but in the right direction.

Copied from: thefitfatgirl.wordpress.com

Let’s do this!

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