Heading into 2016

I wrote a post awhile back that contained a list of 50 things I wanted to do by the time I celebrate my 50th birthday (2017).  Thought that with me now having roughly 18 months left to go, I might want to check in and see what all I still have left to do…

  1. Get back to weighing 165 pounds and keep that weight for a year. – in progress
  2. Do fifty military style push-ups, unassisted.
  3. Party scantily clad in the streets at Caribana in Toronto, and at the Notting Hill Carnival in London.
  4. Self-publish another four books. – in progress; have one I printed and bound myself for the first run, another ready to go to print, and two in draft stages that should be completed this year 
  5. Take singing lessons / sing in front of an audience – karaoke most likely, but would love to get confident (and good) enough to do a simple tune at an open mic event
  6. Get my tattoos detailed.
  7. Ride a roller coaster in a foreign country.
  8. Stay at a five star hotel and not have to stress over how I’m going to pay for it.
  9. Vacation on a house boat
  10. Go jet skiing
  11. Ride a snowmobile
  12. Go white water rafting (none of that major adventure stuff, a few bumps and splashes for me, lol)
  13. Touch a live: tiger, elephant, camel, koala, panda, dolphin
  14. Learn Portuguese; be able to hold a reasonable conversation with a native speaker
  15. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans – watch the whole thing, parades and all from the comfort of my hotel balcony overlooking Bourbon Street.  (do not want to be down in the crowds, lol)
  16. Get my belly pierced and then show it off at a beach without shame.
  17. Spend a week at an all-inclusive resort on a tropical island.
  18. Pay off my student loans. – in progress
  19. Get a set of vampire fangs made / custom fitted; wear them the entire month of October. – got the fangs, but didn’t wear them the ‘entire’ month. Definitely will do it this year. 
  20. Learn to ride / own a motorcycle – and not one of those weird-looking three wheel deals (no offence to anyone who owns one), but a sport bike that looks bad-ass but is just right for me (sigh, no Hayabusas, though I’d love to ride one)
  21. Have a custom-made riding outfit (helmet, jacket, pants, boots) that matches the custom paint on my bike <—see # 20
  22. Get a job that pays $10K or more than what I’m making now
  23. Spend a day in the city where I was born.
  24. Spend a day in the village / city where I went to pre-school
  25. Get my old engagement ring re-styled so I may wear it every day – in progress
  26. Get a completely new (hopefully tailored) wardrobe – 40’s, 50’s styles (think screen queens and pin-up babes 😉 )
  27. Vacation in Monaco,
  28. Ride the London Eye.
  29. Have dinner in Paris. –  Done!  :-). 
  30. Train for an amateur bodybuilding contest
  31. Ride Space Mountain at either Disneyland or Disney World (have gone to each park and both times, Space Mountain was closed for maintenance… 😦 )
  32. Go kayaking (again, nothing extreme…maybe paddle for a few hours down a slow-moving river, or around a quiet lake)
  33. Go to the Winter Park Jazz festival in Colorado
  34. Go to the Essence Music festival in New Orleans
  35. Go to the Taste of Chicago
  36. Go to Scotland
  37. Go to Ireland
  38. Eat at ten restaurants featured on the Food Network travel shows – in progress; 2 down, 8 to go; fortunately there are quite a few in my immediate area
  39. Go to New York (see a show on Broadway, go shopping, and, see #38 🙂 )
  40. Spend some time getting to know my nephews (and possibly new niece…if it’s a girl)
  41. Spend some time with my best friend from junior high school.
  42. Enjoy at least one more trip with my mom (she’s turning 80 this year and still going strong, but eh…sadly enough, when they get to that age, you just never know. sigh)
  43. Attend the TCM movie festival
  44. Finish my TV script and send it somewhere for evaluation and possible sale?
  45. Finish learning how to roller skate
  46. Take a complete set of dance lessons (from start to recital in either hip-hop, burlesque or belly dancing)
  47. Take a pole dancing class
  48. Finish learning how to swim
  49. Do a complete split (and not end up in the hospital)
  50. Have the biggest, best attended, birthday party EVER in my life to date (on my 50th more than likely).

Good grief.  It would appear I have a lot to look forward to over the next 18 months, eh?  :-).

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Heading into 2016

  1. Love your list! You know I’m a list maker, and I love your originality. I may have to add some of these to my bucket list! Oh right- they are already on there – like go to Scotland! Any time you need an accountability partner, you just give me a holler – as long as you keep me accountable as well.
    I have a lot of ground to make up from the past 2 years, since my life kind of fell apart during that time.
    Love ya girl!

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