Good morning 2016

This Year’s Motto: Living Lean in 2016

Mission: Build myself and others up so we may live our best lives to date.


  1. Do all I know to do to get the body fat down to 30% by my birthday this year (will reward with either a piercing or several hours worth of tattooing – two detailing and one brand new)
  2. Legitimize the business – learn what I need to know in order to make six figures total from all three revenue streams; pay taxes as necessary and end in the black.
  3. Publish three works of my fiction – MEET my scheduled release dates

So, yeah. I’ve done little bits and pieces over the holiday, but let’s face it, with the 1st being on a Friday, there wasn’t much I could do as most businesses celebrated the holiday with adjusted hours. No stress, I needed to be forced into sitting still for a bit.

But I’m ready to get rolling. Are you? Click here if so :-).

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