ACK! 2018 already?!

So much for 2017's goals, eh? But that was then, this is now. Hiddy ho good neighbors. Welcome to the blogging home of me, indie / self-published author Dana Ellington. I did a horrible job hitting my goals last year. Simply horrible. I was more focused on getting my third revenue stream set up to … Continue reading ACK! 2018 already?!

Did it Happen?

We're nine days in and I'm waiting for all these "new" people to show up.  The slogans were tossed about without any hesitation as they always are, "New Year, New You"...and the many variations.  Yet as I've gone about my days so far, I'm seeing a lot of the same, angry, afraid, zombies that I saw … Continue reading Did it Happen?

Good morning 2016

This Year's Motto: Living Lean in 2016 Mission: Build myself and others up so we may live our best lives to date. Objectives: Do all I know to do to get the body fat down to 30% by my birthday this year (will reward with either a piercing or several hours worth of tattooing - … Continue reading Good morning 2016

Just about worded out

Seriously thinking it's time for a break.  After I get the workbook and planner formatted, printed and bound (all by this Friday I might point out) then I'm taking a break. I've still got to document my plan for next year for my business / life / writing; perhaps I'll do that by hand...transpose it … Continue reading Just about worded out