Bye-bye Belly.

Chest: 38″,  Waist: 38″,  Hips: “45”,  thighs: 27″ each.

I have no idea what my weight is but it matters very little to this equation because with any kind of exercise, fat will be replaced by muscle which weighs more than fat so even though my over all weight will drop a bit, it won’t be all that significant to know it as I progress through whatever program I’m going to embark upon. You see, I’ve got these two, really cute dresses. They’re cut in such a way as to accentuate the curves. As is evidenced by my measurements there, my curves are slightly out of proportion. I knew what was going to happen but I put on the dress on anyway. Just as I’d suspected, the issue becomes glaringly obvious.

It took me two years to get to this point. I’m thinking it’ll take me a year maybe to get back to where I want to be but we’ll see. Last time I dropped 30 pounds in about six months but I wasn’t trying. I got lucky – a change of jobs had me hustling large boxes, weighty equipment and such for most of the day. I rarely sat down.  Over the course of the last three years though, work settled down, I got an office all to myself, and got serious once again about my writing. I also developed that damned addiction to Facebook so I would surf the posts, endlessly clicking any time I had internet access. I was once again a desk jockey.  Which meant I was once again, putting on the fluff.

A friend left a comment on my first whine post about this current state of physical affairs. In it, he passed on this link:  I went to it that same day. Let me just say, it is awesome. Chock full of information, motivation, exercises (that I can do at home, with no needed accessories), meal plans, challenges and programs.  It was what I’d asked for.  I’m still lacking the drive, the motivation to get off the computer, off the couch.  Looking down at my belly though; glancing over at the piece of paper on which my measurements are written, I’ve got that slow ticking in my head – that growing feeling of extreme dissatisfaction that in the past lead to my turning my grades around, lead to leaving a marriage that was way less than ideal; all manners and sorts of changes in my life were precipitated by this feeling.  I’m hoping, oh I’m hoping that it grows, bringing with it all the motivation and such I need to finally get on the health wagon.   This belly has got to go …

bye bye

5 thoughts on “Bye-bye Belly.

  1. I’m with ya sister! I had my physical today and for the first time in a loooong time I opened my eyes when the nurse weighed me and looked at the horrendous numbers!!!! Sigh. It actually gave me the kick I needed, I am already starting to make changes. The key will be maintaining it and staying motivated. I’m going to check out that link you shared. Thanks!

    1. Yay!! If you pick a work out from the site let me know. I’m starting the 90 Day work out deal. That’ll take me from now until the beginning of year. I wrote my “Reasons I want to exercise” list which is going to be duplicated and posted all over my spaces at home, in the car, and at work. I’m going to need MEGA motivational shots through out :-).

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