And yet another story (novella? short story? novel?) idea has passed by.

This one didn’t stick around so not sure where my Muse was going with it. I’m sharing it because I thought the way it showed up was most cool :-).   I don’t know how to get WordPress to honor my indentations and such so it doesn’t appear exactly how I wrote it out – frowny face.  Oh well.  It’s still cool, check this out…

On the outside:



Football games

Date Night

Baby sitter

Sensible shoes

Fashionably attired

Never too high

too loud

too anything

He loved her. She loved him. They were happy. They were ideal.


On the inside:

Flashing lights

Loud music

Straight, no chaser

Thigh high

Deep plunge

Silk, satin

Leather, lace

Out loud

Always wet


willing to please

She craved him. He wanted to touch her soul. They were hungry, they were in need.


Bound by what’s “right”, desperate to be unleashed. What would it take for them to become unbridled?


Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 2.  The Release (title subject to change)

“It can’t be real. Where did you find it?”

“It was by the dumpster.”

“I can’t imagine…why would someone throw away their diary? I’d die.  I’d simply die from embarrassment if I’d kept my deepest secrets in something like this and it got lost. You never know who might find it and read it.”

“Should we open it. Just to the first page. See if there’s a name or something so we can return it?”

“No.  We should just throw it out. Put it back by the dumpster where you found it so just in case they come looking for it, it’s there.”

“We really should look inside.”

I wish you could see the real formatting,  how I was directed to hand write it on the note paper – there’s all kinds of groovy spacing and indents.  Ho hum. This would be my second attempt at an erotic tome.  The first being Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1.   When it comes to writing erotica,  I struggle to bring out the nuances that elevate the sex from the porn level – you know, the stuff you read in Penthouse Forum.  I want to be more literary with my sex when I write, so this will be my second attempt at getting it right. Anyway, this piece here is the set up for the story premise.  Typical married couple, 2.2 kids, white picket fence…blah, blah.  They’re happily married but not fully themselves if that makes sense. They don’t want to have affairs, they aren’t looking to go from straight laced citizens to swingers into BDSM.  No fifty shades knock offs here, lol.  But they aren’t as comfortable with their true sexual natures as they could be.  Like so many women I know, and quite a few men I might add, they’re still bound (ha! sorry…I saw the connection to the BDSM thing…okay, yeah, so there will be a little of that thrown in but more so because they’re experimenting, trying to find what suits them.  Gee, this was pretty long for a parenthetical insert, eh?).

What was  I writing? Oh yeah.  They’re bound by societal conventions on how men and women are “supposed” to act / feel when it comes to sex.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the stereotypes, the shame that comes when you admit you enjoy things a little off the accepted beaten path.  I don’t believe you can ever fully love yourself until you uncover, come to grips with, and accept all aspects of your nature – of who you are / what you want / desire at your core.   Is there a little bit of my life in the story? You bet’cha.  But I’ll be pooped if I tell you which bits, lol.  This will be my permission slip to couples who are in committed, trusting, loving relationships for them to venture out of the box, get in touch with what really makes them sing, both as individuals and as a couple.  

Now, to find some time to squeeze it in between the two ideas already taking shape in my head. 

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