5 of 40 – Dream With Me

What if:

  • Voting was made mandatory for all eligible US citizens? Those who were required to but didn’t vote would be fined or face jail time.
  • Voting was done online? Much like filing taxes, a secure log in, a couple of key strokes and poof, done. Those without internet access would of course, be directed to polling places where voting would be done as it is today.
  • The Swiss were contracted, due to their neutrality in world affairs, to maintain the servers on which the voting software and tabulations were run / stored?
  • All government offices from the President on down to state level positions (Senators, Representatives, Governors, et al) were paid more like internships; since the folks who win the votes tend to be wealthy from the onset, why should they be paid more than say enough to cover room and board in a gated community in DC or their respective states called The Congressional Village – the President would still be housed at the White House or he/she would forfeit his / her term.  They would all have to reside in this community TOGETHER as neighbors for the duration of their term. There’d be a cafeteria or two on the property for which they could buy into a meal plan if they so choose, but that would come out of their own pockets.  The stipend would cover basics such as electricity, a specially secured internet service, and of course, 24 hour on site security.  There would be NO salary for these positions.
  • Everyone running for office received a set amount to campaign with. That’s it. No outside donations allowed.
  • The humans on this planet who are fed up with the bull@#$% that serves as news, entertainment, government policy, and government officials, collectively took a stand and worked to put people into place who might be able to withstand the inevitable corruption that seems to come with any sort of power associated with the position or amount of amassed wealth. This stand doesn’t have to be violent, but it definitely would have to be united and unwavering.

What if…

Love Dana

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