Impulsiveness, thy name is Dana.

LOL – did you ever do something based solely on a hunch? A vague feeling that compelled you to push the button without much thought to consequences? I used to do it a lot more than not, let me tell you. I was the Queen of following my instincts without question.  Then booze, life, and a whole lot of “supposed to do” snuck in and I began to question every little whim, nudge, hint, or whisper the Universe (and my Divinity) sent me. Those weren’t the happiest times in my life, for sure. But I got things done.

But here, in what most consider my approach to the “middle” of my life, I’m tuning back into the flow, that, “leap now, worry about landing later”, impulsiveness that lead me for most of my childhood. In doing so, I’ve met the wonderful characters who populate my writing, my Divinity and I chat on an almost regular basis, and that clichéd, child-like wonder is seeping back into my every day.  So what happens? I offer to be a speaker (for free) at a conference in June that’s happening 1700 miles away.  I have no idea how I would pay for such a trip.  I have the vaguest idea on what I’d speak about, but beyond that, straight mystery at this point. And it fills me with such giddy excitement I can hardly stand it. Whether the coordinators respond with a “yes, we’d love to have you”, or “HA! Maybe next year when you actually know what the hell you’re doing” – I remain excited at the possibility of being a part of the conference.

Man, just have to laugh. I had an impulse a few weeks ago to buy a lottery ticket. I wish you could have seen me tap-dancing around that one, but I ended up doing it. Didn’t win a thing. LOL. But maybe that was just a practice run. Maybe the Universe and my Divinity were testing me to see if I’d come full circle back to trusting them again. Ha. Yeah, Universe…sorry, I’m working on the trust thing, I promise.



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