In the beginning

Hello,  I’d like to introduce myself and my blog.  My name is Dana and I’m a published author.  I also own a publishing company designed to work with “arm-chair” authors such as myself – you know, the folks who want to see their work in book form, but aren’t necessarily driven by the desire to become the next Stephen King or Jane Austin.

The blog here will serve many purposes.  First and foremost, I’ll come here to “prime the pump” so to speak – free writing and word play to help me connect with my muse.  It will also work as a marketing tool.  Folks who stop by here will learn to love my writing and of course, then want to buy my books.  Genius huh?

I’ll preview excerpts, answer questions, fiddle-fart around with the English language…sound like fun?  Won’t you join me?  I promise it won’t be an ordinary read.

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