The Government We Deserve

(speechless – I’ve got to learn more about voting in this country) Well written and eye opening. Check it out.


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In Florida, state officials recently released a report showing that more than 161,000 of the voters casting a ballot in the 2016 presidential election did not cast a valid vote for president!… And the rate of invalid votes for president in 2016 was more than double the rate it was in 2012 and 2008.

That number includes those who wrote another name on the ballot, like Mickey Mouse, or Bart Simpson and then voted for those “joke” candidates. Others simply left the ballot blank. And still others decided to vote for more than one candidate thereby making their vote invalid.

And when you consider that Republican Donald Trump won Florida and its 29 electoral votes by just about 113,000 votes, then those 161,000 wasted votes might have made a big difference in the outcome.

But when you consider the fact that here in the United States, according to The Elections…

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History = White Male Entitlement

Keep this in mind as you go through out your day. Who controls the information you see and what lies (as in the opposite of truth) beneath or between?

A thought provoking post provided by TOPoet :-). Check him out.


10-green-01History is too often seen through the eyes of the historian – or as I now think of it – The History of White Entitlement. The facts shift as lookers change. I’ve been watching documentaries about ancient cultures, not so ancient cultures, even my own culture. I watch documentaries about the art of China, Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Women in Art. This month is Black History, as if that is separate from human history.

10-green-02I’ve realized that much of what is purported to be history is merely an accounting of white cis-male Christian heterosexual accomplishments. I asked a friend of mine recently if he could name one female classical composer or one female Impressionist painter or one black classical composer – it’s not as if those people didn’t exist. I know of some of those but I’m not going to do your research for you. Share your answers in the comments…

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Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day Love

Bloggin' Billy's

I’ve fielded several emails lately from people asking about “Jack,” the gentleman I wrote about who lost everything during the Gatlinburg fires. I write today to share that he has been admitted into a facility. I ask for your prayers as he receives help to recover from this devastating life event. Please do not email me asking for details; his parents reached out to me when I became distraught after being unable to contact him. He’s getting help, and at least he isn’t worrying about where to sleep at night. Praise God because we have been deeply worried about his safety.

Moving forward, I have secured the names of two new people who are still sleeping hither and yon. Like Jack, they were also sub-leasing and not eligible for the Dolly Foundation money. Like Jack, they (still) have no where to go and move their children from place to place praying someone…

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These are the Top 5 Brands Making a Political Stand for Diversity at Super Bowl LI

These are the Top 5 Brands Making a Political Stand for Diversity at Super Bowl LI

And now, a word from our sponsor – Alexis Chateau PR. I had noticed the Audi ad a couple of days or so before the game. I’d also received a letter from the IKEA CEO about their stance on diversity and acceptance (my daughter works at an IKEA). I may not be in the market for the products these guys sell, but you can best believe when I am, I will put my dollars where my beliefs are.

Alexis Chateau PR

Last year, the publicresponded to Beyoncé’s political halftime show with praise, outrage, boycotts, and sold out shows. So this year, as we geared up to watch Super Bowl 51, we wondered if any artists would make another stand.

Much to our surprise, it was corporate who did the job.From lifestyle brands to automakers, companies stepped up to the plate to remind us all that diversity is an important cornerstone of American society, regardless of who they voted for and why.

So here are the five ads that caught our eye by putting their branding where their ethics was – even when it meant walking a thin, gray line!

5. It’s a 10!: Four Years Of…

If nothing else, this ad got a good laugh out of us, rightafterwe held our breath for an intro stating:

America, we’re in for at least four years…

…of awful hair.

The ad…

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Hit Him Where It Hurts

Hit Him Where It Hurts

For real, money talks. And the better we are at using it to be heard, the sooner OUR real concerns will be dealt with. That’s across the board. Stop spending your hard earned money in places, with people who subtly, or obviously don’t respect your right to exist. We’ll start here and work our way outward, eh? Thank you Kurt at!


Well, you can hit him there too if you have a good shot, but I’m talking about hitting Trump where it would hurt him the most — in his pocket book.

Are you aware of that wonderful anti-Trump movement called #GRABYOURWALLET that lists all the companies that either sell Trump products or support him or his brand in some way so we of sound minds and spirits can now find in one convenient location which places to boycott so we can discontinue giving him our hard-earned money to make him even more wealthy beyond our limitless imaginations?

Well, now you know.

Quite awesome, no?

I am surprised to see that Papa Johns isn’t on the list seeing how I thought the owner was a Trump supporter. If so, I hope the John of Pizza changes his evil ways because I have pretty much worn out my PJ’s phone app from…

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How Do Our Most Useless Politicians Go On To Greatness?

How Do Our Most Useless Politicians Go On To Greatness?

Just, yes.

Thought Scratchings

Theresa May is going to be on the front cover of Vogue Magazine. Vogue Magazine: Fashion news, backstage photos, fashion trends, catwalk videos, supermodel chats, beauty trends and now Theresa May, with a bunch of purple grapes around her neck and just enough upper thigh to catch the glint from Donald Trump’s wandering sex octopus eyes.

Who was in charge of the country while Mrs May spent a day indulging her childhood fantasy of appearing arty and human? The captain of The Titanic was pictured on the day his ship sunk walking his dog on deck. Alternatively, he could have been doing the job he had been entrusted with, but he just loved dogs. Personally, I’d feel a lot safer if Mrs May was actually in her office figuring out how to best navigate the United Kingdom out of Europe without sinking the economy.

I just want the Prime Minister of…

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The Gold Standard

I’ve wondered this very thing for years when it came to politicians – how do they ignore the bull@$%& they’ve done or said, then get riled up when the same things are done or said to them… Thank you to I Pledge of Allegiance for putting it so succinctly.


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Remember when you were a child in school and one of the basic requirements was to learn about how to get along with others and to learn how to share with and respect others and how not to be a bully, or snob, or selfish, or a rumor monger? It was all a part of what was called socialization and learning how to live within a society of varied others who had different backgrounds yet shared the same basic tenet of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

That was called the Golden Rule and everyone has heard about it and just about everyone also recognizes it as the most important rule among all of the learned rules of childhood.

Consequently we were also taught that if one chose to live in opposition to that Golden Rule then one should also get used to a life…

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