Alexis Chateau PR Launches Media Relations Services

Alexis Chateau PR Launches Media Relations Services

PR Services weren’t something I thought I could afford as an indie, self-published author, but it’s a service I NEED so the investment is warranted. Luckily, Ms. Chateau came along and well…I don’t want to give anything away, just keep an eye on Nowata Press. Meanwhile, check out Alexis Chateau PR. You won’t regret it.

Alexis Chateau PR

Atlanta, GA – On March 18, 2017, Alexis Chateau PR quietly launched its media relations services, as a new and powerful tool for its clients. The new service will include not just seeking media placements, but providing media coaching, as well.

The move comes after the Atlanta-based PR agency landed half a dozen published media placements in the past two weeks alone. A quick glance at the brand’s social media pages tells the tale.

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He started it

So aptly describes the majority of my feelings. Ends & Beginnings is a great blog to read not just because the author and I agree on many a subject, but because he has a wide variety of well written posts that help give me new perspectives on life. Definitely check him out :-).

Ends and Beginnings


This country is divided and honestly that isn’t really anything new. As much as I hate labels for the purpose of this post and for the sake of clarity I am going to define the two sides as the Right and the Left. I wish there were more sides, at least three to choose from but I am afraid whatever middle ground that once existed has simply eroded away.

Now for any of you that may be first time readers of my blog I used to exist somewhat in the middle but leaning much more to the Left. That all changed when I was forced to pick a side and yes I was forced, think football, Alabama or Auburn, Ohio or Michigan.

You see from my perspective, in the middle on the Left, the Right simply got too nasty, starting with the guy that yelled “F*ck you” to me simply because I had…

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Post ferguson lessons still not learned…

Amen. Check out the rest of Don’s blog. It is a refreshingly honest perspective. Thank you Don :-).

don of all trades

I was cleaning out my drafts folder a little bit when I came across this post. I was asked by CNN to write a post for them a couple of years ago, I think during the Fersuson rioting, and either I never sent it to them or, more likely, I did and they didn’t use it. Either way, it’s pretty clear that my hope here for things to get better not only between the police and citizens, but among all citizens, is not only not happening , but are unbelievably, getting worse.


I’ve not intentionally sat down to watch more than five or ten minutes of news coverage about Ferguson since Michael Brown was shot.

He was laid to rest on Monday, and I didn’t watch that either.

What little I have seen has come from social media or other readable sources. I just can’t bear to watch people…

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The Walled Off Hotel: Banksy Opens Dystopian Tourist Attraction In Bethlehem With The “Worst View In The World”

The Walled Off Hotel: Banksy Opens Dystopian Tourist Attraction In Bethlehem With The “Worst View In The World”

Not that we’ll get to see it any time soon what with what is laughingly (NOT) passing as the American government these days. This, my friends, is a shining example of protest art at its finest. Thank you Crystal Russom for posting.

The Little Things

Nestled against the barrier wall separating Israel from the Palestinian territories, controversial street artist Banksy has built a fully-functioning hotel, complete with a bar, museum and gallery of politically-charged artworks by the anonymous artist himself.

True to the British artist’s demeanour, The Walled Off Hotel – which was once an old pottery workshop – was developed completely under the radar over 14 months, and even building staff weren’t aware the project was on his behalf.

According to Banksy’s website, “it’s exactly one hundred years since Britain took control of Palestine and started re-arranging the furniture – with chaotic results… the aim [of the hotel] is to tell the story of the wall from every side and give visitors the opportunity to discover it for themselves.”

rooms_scenic_01_wkr One of the hotel’s Scenic rooms overlooking the wall, complete with wifi, fridge, personal safe and air conditioning. (Photo:

The hotel was styled with a…

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Living in a Dystopia yet?

Wow. Keep questioning, keep digging, keep your eyes open and go until you find facts that are as close to true as possible. Articles like this keep me searching.

The Dystopian Nation of City-State

If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes you are. Here is a perfect example:

Buzzfeed found that two “news” sites – one very liberal and one very conservative – were actually owned by the same company. Both sides reported on the same stories, used the same sources, and the same level of outrage over a certain event. Lets just call it event x.

Turned out that they don’t sell news or information. They are selling outrage. Whipping people up into a frenzy by using the CONFIRMATION BIAS of the respective IDEOLOGIES to SPIN news stories. Apparently these sites are very popular, garnering millions of followers on facebook.

Why wouldn’t they be popular? All they do is tell you what you already believe. They give you that feeling that someone is there for you – on your side. But they’re not. Because they are telling the opposing side the same…

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The Big Announcement: Introducing Travel Bits

The Big Announcement: Introducing Travel Bits

More Book Babies! Please welcome the new releases for Sarah Ferguson, the wonderful author of Travels With Choppy here on WordPress.

Travels with Choppy

Drum roll, please, as it’s time for the big announcement!

As of this week, I have two books available on Amazon:

101 Travel Bits: The Alaska Highway

101 Travel Bits: The Overseas Highway

Back when I started this blog, there were two main themes: travel and Choppy (usually together). Over the years, the blog has sort of evolved away from the travel, but I’ve always retained my love for it. Since beginning the blog, I’ve also written a few books, including one on traveling with Choppy, none of which have been published despite years of looking for an agent or publisher.

While working on getting those books published, I started working on some books about travel. These weren’t really guidebooks, but books of facts about various locations. Here’s how I describe the books on Amazon:

Travel Bits™ are not your typical guidebooks. In fact, they aren’t guidebooks at all!


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How to Build a More Positive You

How to Build a More Positive You

What wonderful reminder for living. Worthy read from Alexis Chateau :-).

Alexis Chateau

People who know me now mightnever believe it, but there was a time when I wanted nothing better than to pass from this world, and into the next. From age 13 to 17, I really and truly wanted to off myself.

My reasons weremany, and mostly centered around living with an abusive father who also did all he could to disrupt my education. Coupled with teenage hormones, it was a recipe for disaster.

The Negative

Most teenagers would have acted out under those conditions. My worst offence was some black nail polish and dyeing my once reddish-brownish-blondish hair, jet black.

I spent my days buried in books – anything to escape my everyday reality. Then, I spent my nights lying awake, courting death. I just wanted my nightmareto end.

Somehow I managed to stay on honor roll through my school years – part miracle, and part ruthless perseverance on…

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