A few days early.

Even virtual travel must sometimes be cut short.  And alas, this is one of those times.  I had fun pretending to be in England this month.  Not much of what I did lent itself to blogging so I apologize for the lack of postings.  I did however end up with two-story ideas that I'm working … Continue reading A few days early.

Midnight and I’m thinking of vampires

And yet I still find bits of writing running through my head.  Oh for sure, being in the shadow of Big Ben earlier today while on a walking tour of downtown London, then another wonderful night with Dom, you'd think I'd have come back to my rental and fallen into a dream filled sleep.  But … Continue reading Midnight and I’m thinking of vampires

It’s 3:20 in the morning…

I've discovered a phenomenon here in the UK of which I was not aware.  The sun's been coming up a little before five AM each morning, and not setting until after nine at night.  I've had over 16 hours of daylight every day since I got here and you know what?  I LOVE IT!  Mind … Continue reading It’s 3:20 in the morning…

Jet lag finally caught up with me.

Alright, to catch you up before I head off to bed.  Kathrine  scored me a ticket to the England v Belgium soccer match yesterday.  I was cheering for Belgium because between the two countries, Belgium sits closest to Germany which is where I was born (and next on my list of 30 day tours).   Anyway, … Continue reading Jet lag finally caught up with me.

And I thought we partied hard in the States…

Almost 6:30 AM.  Just getting in.  Kathrine and her friends are great.  That club was huge and of course, Paul Oakenfield was guest deejaying.  I LOVE him.  And as if Katherine wasn't already cool,  she got me a ticket to the England v. Belgium football (just love hearing the guys say that) match later today. … Continue reading And I thought we partied hard in the States…

Bloody Hell (stolen from a fav British movie)

OMG!  I’m not even sure where to begin.  I mean…WOW.  First off, the flight was totally mellow. The food on international flights is delish.  I, of course, fell instantly asleep after eating.  Having not slept the night before helped tremendously.  I woke up about seven this morning, that would be 2:00 AM, EST.  We were … Continue reading Bloody Hell (stolen from a fav British movie)

Getting ready to leave.

I’m nervous.  Not because of the adventure I’m about to have, but because I don’t like to fly and in about eight hours, I’m going to be on a long flight.  When I say long, I mean friggin’ eight and a half hours long.  In an airplane.  Thirty some odd THOUSAND feet above the Earth.  … Continue reading Getting ready to leave.

Last minute travel

It's that Bass Ackwards / Leap of Faith thing at work again.  I haven't thought much about this since the last post, but just this morning, I decided I'm going to take my "virtual" leave of absence to London, England after all.  As you read the coming month's posts, I want you to suspend reality along … Continue reading Last minute travel

How Crazy is This?

30 Days in London So, the dream was to have packed it all in, having made enough money to leave the states behind for a thirty-day “vacation” in London, UK.  I was going to find a quaint little flat just outside the city proper (to help cut down on cost) and then spend my time … Continue reading How Crazy is This?