Routineous Interuptus

"Routineous Interuptus", a.k.a., VACATION!  :-).  I had one recently. Twelve days in which I lived a five to six-hour difference in time from my mainstay; food that while may have matched my usual fare in appearance, dang sure didn't match in terms of ingredients, how it was prepared, the quantities in which I normally consume … Continue reading Routineous Interuptus

A vacation worth dying for.

A bit on the dramatic side as far as post titles go, but something I am now considering.  I am newly back from a destination I had been dreaming about reaching for the past five or so years, Belize in Central America.  I'd been looking at places with a strong ex-pat community and Belize popped … Continue reading A vacation worth dying for.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Thinking NaNo is a wash this year.  Yes, I know there's still time to kick my word count in the butt, that there's more than enough time in the days remaining to get 'er done, but as I wrote before, I'm really not feeling the push to "win" as I have in the past. My … Continue reading Should I or shouldn’t I?

How Crazy is This?

30 Days in London So, the dream was to have packed it all in, having made enough money to leave the states behind for a thirty-day “vacation” in London, UK.  I was going to find a quaint little flat just outside the city proper (to help cut down on cost) and then spend my time … Continue reading How Crazy is This?