2:33 AM – Deja Vu

Hey. This post is sponsored by our friends at Insomnia International, the Migraine Fairy Brigade, and Excedrine. Guess who's been awake since 2:30 AM? And if we take a stroll through the archives, I'd be willing to bet there are at least four other posts with similar times in their titles. Sigh. Since I'm up, … Continue reading 2:33 AM – Deja Vu

22 of 40 – It’s Been a Minute

Another revelatory round of Morning Pages. Check this out. I have come back to my home town every year since I moved away in 2005. I started coming back to do writer's events in 2010.  It has snowed every trip back with the exception of the one time I came back during a summer to … Continue reading 22 of 40 – It’s Been a Minute

Routineous Interuptus

"Routineous Interuptus", a.k.a., VACATION!  :-).  I had one recently. Twelve days in which I lived a five to six-hour difference in time from my mainstay; food that while may have matched my usual fare in appearance, dang sure didn't match in terms of ingredients, how it was prepared, the quantities in which I normally consume … Continue reading Routineous Interuptus

Places to go.

London for two nights, then off to Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, Florence, Lugano, Lucerne, then Paris, for two nights. To say I'm stoked would be a gross understatement. I get to add to my "dream destinations I've actually visited" list!  In 2011, I found myself in Athens, Greece; I toured temples and things I'd fallen in … Continue reading Places to go.

And then this happened. (Vacation slides, the final shots)

Summer, 1992. I flew home from college for the last time. An unremarkable trip, one of many plane rides I'd taken in my then, twenty-four years of life.  Got home, got settled back into a routine, again, nothing remarkable. Till one day, I found myself driving by the airport. I had an anxiety attack. The … Continue reading And then this happened. (Vacation slides, the final shots)

Belize, life at a costal resort. (Vacation slides, part three)

My trip to Belize was split between two types of resorts,  the environmentalist's dream at duPlooy's Jungle Lodge at the beginning, and the beach lover's paradise of Robert's Grove Beach Resort in Placencia at the end.  I enjoy getting to know people - how they think, live, what they believe in, their dreams and goals, … Continue reading Belize, life at a costal resort. (Vacation slides, part three)

duPlooys Jungle Lodge – Belize, Central America (Vacation slides part one)

Hey there. Doubt that you're old enough to remember slide shows as they were before the digital age. Slide shows used to involve specially developed pictures, a noisy, sometimes super hot, machine which shone a crazy bright light through the picture in order for it to show up on the wall. Folks were notorious for … Continue reading duPlooys Jungle Lodge – Belize, Central America (Vacation slides part one)

A vacation worth dying for.

A bit on the dramatic side as far as post titles go, but something I am now considering.  I am newly back from a destination I had been dreaming about reaching for the past five or so years, Belize in Central America.  I'd been looking at places with a strong ex-pat community and Belize popped … Continue reading A vacation worth dying for.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Thinking NaNo is a wash this year.  Yes, I know there's still time to kick my word count in the butt, that there's more than enough time in the days remaining to get 'er done, but as I wrote before, I'm really not feeling the push to "win" as I have in the past. My … Continue reading Should I or shouldn’t I?