Net Neutrality – a quick info graphic.

Your internet connection might slow down after December 14th. On that day, the FCC will vote on Ajit Pai’s proposal to reverse Title II in the Communication Act. Title II ensures that the government monitors all ISPs, so they cannot throttle your connection or charge you more money. If Ajit Pai’s plan passes, then internet … Continue reading Net Neutrality – a quick info graphic.

3 of 40

Hey WordPress - put my reader view back the way it was!!!!  Stop @#$%#%ing around with stuff. God Bless Us EVERYONE, why can't you leave well enough alone??!!! Still infinitely more user friendly than Blogger (@_@), but why...why do I need to have one person's posts grouped together instead of being able to read down … Continue reading 3 of 40

Checking in and redirecting.

I'm pleased to see that people are still stopping by the blog and enjoying what they see. However, I upgraded over the summer and have been posting now at: Same voice, same random bits and pieces from inside this writer's mind, and still a WordPress based site, but now with a touch more color … Continue reading Checking in and redirecting.