Dime Store Cowgirl

So, a while back it was Spiders. Now it's dimes. I've found them lying in the street and in my house; just sitting there, shiny or dull, I've seen them and picked them up. Of course, this lead me to Google. Symbolic Meanings of Dimes and the number 10. Finding Dimes and Pennies from Heaven.  … Continue reading Dime Store Cowgirl

Last of the Spider Posts :-)

Finally got up the nerve to do a Google (remember back when we used to say, "do a little research"?) and here's why the eight legged critters are featuring so prominently in my life these days. The Symbolism of Spiders Go. Figure.  :-).  Under these circumstances, I suppose I will attempt to squelch my fear … Continue reading Last of the Spider Posts 🙂