15 of 40 – The Eye of the Spider

Yeah...so, my "spirit animal" twice or thrice removed made a dramatic appearance this morning in the form of a web dive to the ground just in my peripheral vision as I was coming through a doorway at work. *shudder* It has been several months since the last "blessing" so I suppose I should be somewhat … Continue reading 15 of 40 – The Eye of the Spider

An even quicker quickie *arachnophobia warning*

That monster vampire - as in only comes out at night - spider is back living in the space between supports on my front stoop. Despite giving me quite the fright when I first noticed it again (on one of my "I woke up at o'dark stupid" mornings), It does seem to have brought another … Continue reading An even quicker quickie *arachnophobia warning*

WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

Wednesday - small spider on my desk about six inches from my hand. Have no idea when it got there or from which direction it came, but there it sat. Co-worker squished is as I did not have the heart, nor the desire to.  Despite the fact that my arachnophobia wouldn't have allowed me to … Continue reading WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

Another glimpse into the Mind of this Writer

All this talk about the symbolism of certain animals had me wondering about "spirit animals".  Those are the animals said to represent a person's innate nature / skills / strengths / personality - who they are at their core.  I have tended to think mine must be a cat of some sort. I'd believed perhaps … Continue reading Another glimpse into the Mind of this Writer

Okay, maybe one more…

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.  The Universe is sending a CLEAR message, eh?  If you believe in that sort of thing. The Symbolism of Spiders http://www.spiritanimal.info/spider-spirit-animal/ One of my blogger friends commented last time that spiders were just plain yucky and no amount of spiritual mumbo-jumbo was going to change that (I'm heavily paraphrasing, lol).  … Continue reading Okay, maybe one more…