An even quicker quickie *arachnophobia warning*

That monster vampire - as in only comes out at night - spider is back living in the space between supports on my front stoop. Despite giving me quite the fright when I first noticed it again (on one of my "I woke up at o'dark stupid" mornings), It does seem to have brought another … Continue reading An even quicker quickie *arachnophobia warning*

On the Second Day of Halloween

Y'all regular readers know how big spiders have factored into my life recently. Well, here's a bit of 8-legged fiction I came up with a couple of years ago. For the second day of Halloween I give you... Here Kitty "Harry! Come get the cat" The furry weight crept up her back obviously coming in … Continue reading On the Second Day of Halloween

WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

Wednesday - small spider on my desk about six inches from my hand. Have no idea when it got there or from which direction it came, but there it sat. Co-worker squished is as I did not have the heart, nor the desire to.  Despite the fact that my arachnophobia wouldn't have allowed me to … Continue reading WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

Okay, maybe one more…

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.  The Universe is sending a CLEAR message, eh?  If you believe in that sort of thing. The Symbolism of Spiders One of my blogger friends commented last time that spiders were just plain yucky and no amount of spiritual mumbo-jumbo was going to change that (I'm heavily paraphrasing, lol).  … Continue reading Okay, maybe one more…

Last of the Spider Posts :-)

Finally got up the nerve to do a Google (remember back when we used to say, "do a little research"?) and here's why the eight legged critters are featuring so prominently in my life these days. The Symbolism of Spiders Go. Figure.  :-).  Under these circumstances, I suppose I will attempt to squelch my fear … Continue reading Last of the Spider Posts 🙂

Speaking of Spiders and other things…

Yeah, seriously - not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me but spiders have shown up big in my world these past few weeks. There's one living on my front stoop in the space between a post and the top of the little easement that covers the front stoop. It's nocturnal (a vampiric … Continue reading Speaking of Spiders and other things…

And then I see this!

Article headline:  Goliath Encounter: Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest Let's take just a moment here to re-read that headline.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  Uh huh, you saw it too, right? "Puppy-sized SPIDER"!!!!!  As if I wasn't having enough problems going to sleep, LOL.  I didn't bother reading the article as I knew from the … Continue reading And then I see this!