What would compel you to buy my books?

See, there's this stack of unsold books sitting next to my desk now. I've been less than actively working the marketing to say the least. I hit a wall a year ago and for whatever reasons (I have yet to figure out what happened to my mojo) I stopped promoting my work. So, here I … Continue reading What would compel you to buy my books?

Welcome Home

The alarm went off at seven a.m.  She turned it off with eyes closed, a smile sitting comfortably on her lips.  It was April 17th. He was coming home. She had twelve hours to finish getting things in order. At least she'd have a lot to keep herself busy. It would make the time go … Continue reading Welcome Home


What's Love Got to do With it? What is Love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me...no more. Love in an Elevator. Love Stinks - yeah, yeah. You Give Love a Bad Name. I could do this for hours - writing down the names of songs I know and like with the word "love" in … Continue reading Love.

The Year I Become the Woman Your Mother Warned You About

You see that logo there?  The one in the blog background.  Back in 2008 when I was just embarking on my self-publishing journey, a web designer (who ran off with over $300 of my hard-earned dollars) came up with the idea of naming  my web site after the book I was publishing. I bought "Satin … Continue reading The Year I Become the Woman Your Mother Warned You About

Wondering where this came from.

Does the remembered sound of my voice still cause those ripples of sensation along your spine?  You said it, that I'm sexy when I cum.  Well, I'm cumming now; back arched, legs spread and bent at the knees. Eye's blissfully shut, as ecstasy shapes my lips in a pouty circle. Breathy moans roll across my lips. "Mom!" … Continue reading Wondering where this came from.

(Unfinished) Seduction

Seduction It is not a gold filled smile or one’s body being exposed.  Its not, “shawty”, “bitch”, “freak”, or “ho.”  It is not buying me a drink at the bar with the expectation that my panties will drop.  It is not waking up to strangers in your bed.  It's not hooking up or, "I'm emotionally … Continue reading (Unfinished) Seduction

Ana’s favorite way to wake up in the morning.

I’m lying in the same position in which you left me, trying to catch the breath you so enthusiastically forced from my body.  The perspiration is cooling in a chilling line down the center of my chest and back.  My fingers and toes tingle as the blood returns from its job of plumping essential parts … Continue reading Ana’s favorite way to wake up in the morning.

White Tile – A Fantasy (NC-17)

Steam rose thick, opaque from the vents along the rim of the small room.  There was music being piped into the room but the steam distorted it, making it sound far away, ethereal.  I was lying on the shelf, alone with my thoughts.  No one ever used this room this late.  That’s why I liked … Continue reading White Tile – A Fantasy (NC-17)

A Sunday Morning Kind of Love (not poetry)

I wake to a day free from chores and to-dos. A day perfect for that Sunday morning kind of love. Where whispered 'good morning' leads to a few slow kisses interspersed by solutions to a few of the worlds problems; discussions of dreams leave no fantastical stone un-turned.  Laughter and smiles are easy to come … Continue reading A Sunday Morning Kind of Love (not poetry)

In the meantime… (NC-17)

How far would you go to research a character for a book? I’ve asked this question before but don’t remember the responses I received. I got to thinking about a situation where a writer is developing a story about a serial killer. It’s a work of fiction but during her research, she goes too far … Continue reading In the meantime… (NC-17)