2 Legit So We Can Quit – our day jobs that is.

So, as you know, I've spent the last eight years publishing my own work and occasionally coaching writer's from "blank page to published" under the name Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting.  I've made a decent hobby of things so far, but now, it's time to level up as they say and turn this into a … Continue reading 2 Legit So We Can Quit – our day jobs that is.

Typos – another Indie Published Author lament

Why is it that I don't see typos until they're in print? And even then, I seem to miss them until AFTER they've been published. I periodically go back and re-read blog posts. Especially if a post has garnered several views, I'll click on it and read it again.  And it never fails, I will … Continue reading Typos – another Indie Published Author lament

Tis the Season

Not only is Camp NaNo looming on the horizon, but so is my annual writing event at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library in Denver, CO.   I'm once again presenting a condensed version of my writer's coaching program. How to Write and Publish a Book in 6 Months or Less. If you're in or are going … Continue reading Tis the Season

My Comfort Zone

In my mind it looks like this but with more books, a tricked out computer set up, a really comfy couch, king sized bed, and a chef's kitchen complete with a chef: My Soul, however, sees my comfort zone like this: I've ventured outside of my CZ... (interesting, the initials also stand for cubic zarconia … Continue reading My Comfort Zone

Now that’s a wrap!

Put a fork in 'er, she's done.  Aphrodite's Twin is formatted for print!! She's trade fiction size (5.5 X 8.5) paperback Sits at a full 219 pages of story, 231 pages total Retails for $6.99 US, $9.24 Canadian Comes complete with five short stories, one pornographic interlude, and a non-villainous monologue Recommended for those who … Continue reading Now that’s a wrap!

When Should You Release a New Book?

Just in time as I get ready to release my 5th book :-).

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Recently I wondered what the best time to release a new book was. Obviously you would want to release something scary prior to Halloween, something romantic right before Valentine’s Day, something full of snow and holiday cheer right before Christmas, etc. But what about the rest of the year? Are there days that are lucky for self-published authors? Is there a time of year that can help you get more copies into people’s hands? I was determined to find out.

Now despite my best efforts, I only have three books out at the moment (though I am working on getting more out soon), so I couldn’t rely on just my own experience ot answer this question. So when in doubt, I do what I normally do: ask the writing groups I belong to on Facebook. The answers I got were quite informative.

Of course there were the tips to release…

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What would compel you to buy my books?

See, there's this stack of unsold books sitting next to my desk now. I've been less than actively working the marketing to say the least. I hit a wall a year ago and for whatever reasons (I have yet to figure out what happened to my mojo) I stopped promoting my work. So, here I … Continue reading What would compel you to buy my books?