Now That Was Disappointing.

I'm just a tad late to this game, but being the Stephen King fan that I am, I couldn't let Castle Rock, Season 1 go without watching. It took me two full weekends to get through all nine episodes and I'm left with this question - What the hell did I just watch? I liken … Continue reading Now That Was Disappointing.

I’m glad someone remembers…

Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 6 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging. My first official post appeared July 28, 2010.  Check it out.  It's never been read according to the stats, LOL.  Wow.  I've posted 622 entries since that first day. But now, here we are. … Continue reading I’m glad someone remembers…


So, I'm typing away at my Camp NaNo project right? Just going along as I usually do, mostly with my eyes closed listening (transcribing) as my characters deal with whatever situation they have me writing about at the time and then this happens, “And could it be you’ve felt guilty about leaving me all those … Continue reading O.M.G.

Think I’m Done “Fundraising”

It's down to the last four days of the 2 Legit So We Can Quit (our day jobs) Booster campaign. We're one shirt from half-way to our sale's goal of 50 shirts. Now, I'm by no means "throwing in the towel". It's quite possible that we'll hit critical mass and something will spark sales to skyrocket … Continue reading Think I’m Done “Fundraising”

Dag Nabbit – Camp Journal, Day 18

So, try as I might, I couldn't quite get this post to fit the metaphorical (?),, you know the fake letters from camp and such that I've been posting since starting my draft for Camp NaNo this month; I couldn't get this post to fit the way I wanted it to. I mean, I … Continue reading Dag Nabbit – Camp Journal, Day 18

Stephen King

I am going to see my all time FAVORITE author in the whole world since Dr. Maya Angelou - MR. Stephen, "gave me nightmares for most of my life" King!!! He's going to be in Nashville in June and I will be there!!!  Now of course, he's speaking to an auditorium full of people so … Continue reading Stephen King

Camp Journal, Day 11

Whew. Just a quick note. I'm pretty worn out. Got to feeling pretty good and did a couple of sprints up the trail this evening. Didn't get that much further as my sprinting isn't as fast as it used to be, not to mention how heavy this pack  (day job, life responsibilities) is.  But I … Continue reading Camp Journal, Day 11

Camp Journal, Day 9

Decided I didn't want to wait, so I started up The Steps You Take yesterday. It's slow going but according to a sign I passed first thing this morning, I've completed 25% of the trail (word count 14,754). It's been pretty easy so far, not much of an incline; the path has been fairly clear. … Continue reading Camp Journal, Day 9

Letter from Camp

Dear Mom, Just a quick note from Camp NaNo. I've settled in. Haven't met anyone yet but it's only day two. I'm hopping by the end of the week, I'll have made a few new friends (check me out, satin_sheet_diva) . I got situated in my cabin Friday and immediately got busy tidying up the place … Continue reading Letter from Camp

And the Winner is…

Rebekah has a blog here on WordPress as well.  Check her out at A Thicket of Musings.   Because she was the first one to purchase her shirt, she will receive signed copies of Breaking Point and Let There Be Life. The more Lia and I got to thinking about this, the more we wanted … Continue reading And the Winner is…