Birthday Month – Kick Off post

To all the other June birthday babies who may be reading - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope you get your Google b-day wishes...not sure how I feel about the personalized deal myself, but it was nice to have the date I entered recognized by the cyber-bots. Anyway, even though I put in a bogus date on my … Continue reading Birthday Month – Kick Off post


(*can’t believe I’m doing this.  I mean, really.  Like anyone wants to see my wildly out of shape body. But then again, I’ve shown you my balding head, not to mention the knot behind my ear.  Hell, I’ve shared all kinds of insecurities with the readers of this blog, why should this be any different.  … Continue reading TMI…maybe?

Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)

Seriously, I've been hearing people use the "baby steps" analogy to achieving goals for years (and years, and um...years.  I'm almost 50 you know 🙂 ) but until this year I'm not quite sure I got it. I mean, yes, it's obvious they're saying to take little, short in length, tip-toe type steps to reach … Continue reading Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)

Human BE-Ing

Human: noun = thing, object.  Being: verb = doing something. We're three weeks into the "new year".  The gyms are crowded, as are the many health food stores, the outer aisles at the grocery stores, and the "healthier" fast food places or restaurants. I imagine prescriptions for Chantix and it's cousins are up, as are … Continue reading Human BE-Ing

Monumental “Ah ha” Moment – I have found my “Gift”

Funny what pain does to me. I'm sure I've written it before, so forgive me if you've read this, but my headaches most often lead to inspiration. Not sure why but the pain takes me to a higher plane - I tend to have BIG FEELINGS when the headache fairy is trying her best to … Continue reading Monumental “Ah ha” Moment – I have found my “Gift”

Because it says so in my tagline.

This one isn't about writing. This is more along the lines of my not-often-written-or spoken about, personal mission to make sure I do more building up of human self-esteem than tearing down (my blog tagline, in case you hadn't noticed, "I strive to build others up so they may achieve their dreams.") It's something I take … Continue reading Because it says so in my tagline.

You’ve got to start somewhere.

So, I got up at four Friday morning and did day 3 of the 90 Days of Action work out plan from the Neily Rey site.  I don't sleep but more than five maybe six hours at a stretch on a good day, so it's nothing for me to be awake at two or three in the … Continue reading You’ve got to start somewhere.

Bye-bye Belly.

Chest: 38",  Waist: 38",  Hips: "45",  thighs: 27" each. I have no idea what my weight is but it matters very little to this equation because with any kind of exercise, fat will be replaced by muscle which weighs more than fat so even though my over all weight will drop a bit, it won't … Continue reading Bye-bye Belly.

side note – please respond

So, my first self-help deal didn't pan out.  I had beta-testers lined up, survey responses compiled, then only one person followed through.  I abandoned the project after two months, sad that I didn't get nearly the level of response I had hoped for. But the desire to uplift / connect / be a positive influence … Continue reading side note – please respond

The Day I Became a Woman

HA! Yeah, no, I'm not about to tell you the heart warming tale of the day I "lost" my virginity - why do we use that particular word, "lost"?  I didn't misplace it, or put it down somewhere and forget where I'd left it.  Hmmm. Anyway, my first sexual encounter was hardly epic enough to … Continue reading The Day I Became a Woman