Rest stop.

This started off as a post bemoaning being single.  How it’s tiring to have to make all the decisions, carry all the responsibility, and have no one to step in and be strong when you need / want to be weak.  All of this stemmed from having done what I thought was accurate budget planning … Continue reading Rest stop.


What's Love Got to do With it? What is Love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt more. Love in an Elevator. Love Stinks - yeah, yeah. You Give Love a Bad Name. I could do this for hours - writing down the names of songs I know and like with the word "love" in … Continue reading Love.

Ready? Set…

Well, I still have two plans to finalize before midnight tonight as tomorrow marks the first day of WORK on this year's achievements. I've got all but my Coaching marketing and my finance plans in place. Good thing I cancelled cable a week ago, eliminated a major distraction in doing so, which gives me more … Continue reading Ready? Set…

Wait, what? It’s almost February?

Man, all the old adages come to mind about time flying and such, but what it boils down to is, it's almost February. Which is kind of cool :-).  You see, I gave myself the ENTIRE month of January to plot, plan, scheme, and dream.  The idea was to give myself plenty of time to … Continue reading Wait, what? It’s almost February?

Setbacks aren’t what they used to be

Ah, The Satin Sheet Diva Experience - the act of creation involves a certain amount of destruction.  I was surprised at first, when a bit of destruction showed up in my life.  It came in the opening line on a piece of paper that was no doubt, mass-produced, and not aimed at hurting my feelings … Continue reading Setbacks aren’t what they used to be

Reminder – No Buts, No Bullshit.

Portrait of a professional; someone who lives the No Buts, No Bullshit (no excuses) lifestyle.  I continue to be awed by her drive, her spirit and her skills. I’m talking about my hair stylist, Artavia Jones.  This morning, the metro area was under severe weather, tornado, and flash flood warnings.  My appointment was scheduled for … Continue reading Reminder – No Buts, No Bullshit.

Just so you know, I’m not avoiding you, I’m just having a “moment”

January is a “trigger” month.  Instead of a smell, taste or sound, I have whole months which trigger me into subconscious behavior.  My trigger months these days are November, January and February.  Used to be that they’d come and I wasn't consciously aware of how altered my behavior was; I’d be going along thinking I … Continue reading Just so you know, I’m not avoiding you, I’m just having a “moment”

So, here we are

Hmmmm.  Here we are, the start of another year.  I was thinking I should post something profound and highly poetic in honor of the new year but well, profound and highly poetic are definitely not words I would use to describe my writing. Moving and transformative maybe, but those other three - uh, yeah...not so … Continue reading So, here we are

The Year I Become the Woman Your Mother Warned You About

You see that logo there?  The one in the blog background.  Back in 2008 when I was just embarking on my self-publishing journey, a web designer (who ran off with over $300 of my hard-earned dollars) came up with the idea of naming  my web site after the book I was publishing. I bought "Satin … Continue reading The Year I Become the Woman Your Mother Warned You About

No buts, no bullshit.

Awhile back I posted a question in my FB status that asked something like, "What is the one thing you want / accomplishment you'd like to make that when reached or obtained, it would fill you with joy?"  I may have gotten one response and it wasn't an answer to the question. Come to think … Continue reading No buts, no bullshit.