duPlooys Jungle Lodge – Belize, Central America (Vacation slides part one)

Hey there. Doubt that you're old enough to remember slide shows as they were before the digital age. Slide shows used to involve specially developed pictures, a noisy, sometimes super hot, machine which shone a crazy bright light through the picture in order for it to show up on the wall. Folks were notorious for … Continue reading duPlooys Jungle Lodge – Belize, Central America (Vacation slides part one)

Things I Left in 2014

Used to be a bit of a tradition amongst my friends and I that come new year's eve, we'd do a burning. All the things, people, situations and such we wanted to leave in the old year would be written down on a piece of paper then burned at the stroke of midnight, thus ushering … Continue reading Things I Left in 2014

A vacation worth dying for.

A bit on the dramatic side as far as post titles go, but something I am now considering.  I am newly back from a destination I had been dreaming about reaching for the past five or so years, Belize in Central America.  I'd been looking at places with a strong ex-pat community and Belize popped … Continue reading A vacation worth dying for.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Thinking NaNo is a wash this year.  Yes, I know there's still time to kick my word count in the butt, that there's more than enough time in the days remaining to get 'er done, but as I wrote before, I'm really not feeling the push to "win" as I have in the past. My … Continue reading Should I or shouldn’t I?

Because it says so in my tagline.

This one isn't about writing. This is more along the lines of my not-often-written-or spoken about, personal mission to make sure I do more building up of human self-esteem than tearing down (my blog tagline, in case you hadn't noticed, "I strive to build others up so they may achieve their dreams.") It's something I take … Continue reading Because it says so in my tagline.

Password search, the sequel.

This morning's reminder: This is an automatically generated message from an unattended mailbox. Please do not reply to this email. This is a reminder that your network password will expire in 3 days. Please change it as soon as possible, your password must meet the following requirements: Contains characters from three of the following four … Continue reading Password search, the sequel.

Time for a new password and this is what happens in my brain.

"Your password will expire in five days."  Every three months, as it is with most corporations now-a-days, employees have to change their passwords. No big deal except I've been trying to make my passwords meaningful to me as well as cryptic enough to meet the password qualifications as set by our illustrious IT department.  Most … Continue reading Time for a new password and this is what happens in my brain.

A Peek Behind the Curtain – rated R for language.

What you won't find is some dapper dressed gentleman working the knobs or controls of some fancy sound and light machine.  You won't even find a wizard with a fancy projector and microphone. No. Instead, you'll see a room in which sits a large round table made of mahogany with four ornate chairs that look … Continue reading A Peek Behind the Curtain – rated R for language.

You’ve got to start somewhere.

So, I got up at four Friday morning and did day 3 of the 90 Days of Action work out plan from the Neily Rey site.  I don't sleep but more than five maybe six hours at a stretch on a good day, so it's nothing for me to be awake at two or three in the … Continue reading You’ve got to start somewhere.

True Love Is Real: Meet The Couple Who Reunited After 62 Years Apart

There’s still love in the world. It’s never too late to have one of you own. So looking forward to being able to share my story :-). Thank you to blogger James Michael Sama for posting this.  (click and give his blog a read through, I’m sure you’ll find quite a few posts of interest 🙂 )

James Michael Sama

So, you think that stories of epic, lifelong romance are reserved for novels or movies? Think again.

This couple, Cynthia and Howard, first met over 60 years ago. Today, after all that time apart, they sit side by side on Martha’s Vineyard as husband and wife. The course of events that brought them together again is not only the very definition of true love, but it is an inspiration to all of us that men who are loving and romantic to their very core are still out there, and so are the women who appreciate them. Cynthia was used to having groups of men tease her when she was younger. The one man who actually held her attention? Howard, the gentleman.

Proof that the concepts we discuss on this website, while rare and difficult to find in our generation, are still very real in the world we live in.

Howard and…

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