Because it says so in my tagline.

This one isn't about writing. This is more along the lines of my not-often-written-or spoken about, personal mission to make sure I do more building up of human self-esteem than tearing down (my blog tagline, in case you hadn't noticed, "I strive to build others up so they may achieve their dreams.") It's something I take … Continue reading Because it says so in my tagline.

True Love Is Real: Meet The Couple Who Reunited After 62 Years Apart

There’s still love in the world. It’s never too late to have one of you own. So looking forward to being able to share my story :-). Thank you to blogger James Michael Sama for posting this.  (click and give his blog a read through, I’m sure you’ll find quite a few posts of interest 🙂 )

James Michael Sama

So, you think that stories of epic, lifelong romance are reserved for novels or movies? Think again.

This couple, Cynthia and Howard, first met over 60 years ago. Today, after all that time apart, they sit side by side on Martha’s Vineyard as husband and wife. The course of events that brought them together again is not only the very definition of true love, but it is an inspiration to all of us that men who are loving and romantic to their very core are still out there, and so are the women who appreciate them. Cynthia was used to having groups of men tease her when she was younger. The one man who actually held her attention? Howard, the gentleman.

Proof that the concepts we discuss on this website, while rare and difficult to find in our generation, are still very real in the world we live in.

Howard and…

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And yet another story (novella? short story? novel?) idea has passed by.

This one didn't stick around so not sure where my Muse was going with it. I'm sharing it because I thought the way it showed up was most cool :-).   I don't know how to get WordPress to honor my indentations and such so it doesn't appear exactly how I wrote it out - frowny face. … Continue reading And yet another story (novella? short story? novel?) idea has passed by.

If I believed in Soul Mates

(a bit of fiction based on a whole lot of reality) My husband is over six feet tall, by about two inches or so. Probably weighs about 5 or six pounds over what he’d like to, but is still physically attractive to me – it’s the broad shoulders and muscled arms that get me every … Continue reading If I believed in Soul Mates


What's Love Got to do With it? What is Love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt more. Love in an Elevator. Love Stinks - yeah, yeah. You Give Love a Bad Name. I could do this for hours - writing down the names of songs I know and like with the word "love" in … Continue reading Love.

Jagged endings.

Awhile back someone suggested I write a piece that would amount to being a letter to my ex-boy dudes. I did something along those lines in a blog post a year ago but for some reason, my Muse came in to revamp the idea.  What follows is what He and Ana came up with.   I … Continue reading Jagged endings.

(Unfinished) Seduction

Seduction It is not a gold filled smile or one’s body being exposed.  Its not, “shawty”, “bitch”, “freak”, or “ho.”  It is not buying me a drink at the bar with the expectation that my panties will drop.  It is not waking up to strangers in your bed.  It's not hooking up or, "I'm emotionally … Continue reading (Unfinished) Seduction

I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning,

But my Muse had other plans. Click to read the  New Blog Post.  Have a great rest of the weekend :-).

Stepping back into reality (a sort of Happy Father’s Day)

One thing about virtual travel, you can come back "home" whenever you need to.  And today, I needed to step away from my virtual vacation and talk baggage.  Not bags that are filled with fun souvenirs picked up from virtual travels abroad.  No, this is baggage of the emotional kind.  I want to talk about … Continue reading Stepping back into reality (a sort of Happy Father’s Day)

The saga continues

This next section comes courtesy of a country song I was listening to on the way home today.  Not sure of the title, but the line that struck me went something like this, "If you find yourself going through hell, don't be scared, you might just make it through before the devil knows you're there." … Continue reading The saga continues