This so spoke to (about) me today, thought I should share.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King We all have times in our lives where we feel anxious, but then there come the tumultuous periods where our anxiety morphs into crippling self-doubt and fear. Suddenly we’re kids again, lined up in gym class, waiting to be chosen for a team.… via … Continue reading This so spoke to (about) me today, thought I should share.

#SparkleFriday: Help Us Make Black Friday Shine!

Here’s a little Black Friday action I can get behind. Let’s make it sparkle, shall we? 🙂

Girl Boner

Many folks told me that moving is stressful. Really stressful. Almost as stressful as dealing with a divorce or family death. I refused to believe it would be for us.

“We’ll make this fun!” I proclaimed, as though challenging life to prove otherwise. Perhaps I should’ve kept my voice down.

Hours before we were scheduled to load our lives into a U-Haul, our move was delayed—days, then weeks, costing us a great deal of emotional and financial stress.

“I think I should be able to put the Christmas tree up early to compensate for emotional damages,” I told my husband mid-resultant pity party, who smartly replied, “Sure thing!”

My stubborn optimism took over. No one would steal our Christmas, I decided, determined to regain the vigor the delay had zapped.

Finally, on the hottest day in LA history, we moved—and whew, managed to enjoy it. And before even our toothbrushes were unpacked, our decked out…

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