Very thought provoking. 🙂 And his poetry is always worth a read.


There Is No # To #SaveTheWorld

My past couple of Friday blogs have been my reaction to racism, sex, slut shaming, the disabled – someone has taken me to task for speaking about such matters because of my white male privilege. It seems I lack authority to speak authentically about my experiences of these issues.



In the past I’ve been ‘sushed’ because I don’t have an MFA (& thus am not qualified to be a poet for certain stages here in TO); not educated enough to have sufficiently informed comments on the writing process; not published enough; not hot enough for erotica readings; too male for some stages; too sexual for others; too old for most. Thinking marriage is crock casts me out of the good queer corner.

I can’t help but think this is yet another form of censorship – it’s not as if I’m proposing radical thought…

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An Ordinary Life

That song played three times in the span of two hours last night leaving behind an "ear worm" that I woke to this morning, which then lead to the ponderances in this post.   What if I'm meant to live an ordinary life?  Then all this striving to become a world renown author and a … Continue reading An Ordinary Life