10 of 40 – One Step Closer to 50

Sigh. I am on the edge of 50.  I remember as a kid imagining what I'd be like at 21, but beyond that, I don't think I built any kind of fantasies, goals, or images of life beyond that golden age. Yet, here I sit (much to my health's dismay), twenty-eight years / sixty pounds … Continue reading 10 of 40 – One Step Closer to 50

8 of 40 – We’re just going to play for a bit.

Apparently I missed a day. Who knew.  My apologies. Enjoy! I don't want to do ANYTHING but WRITE.  I want to ditch my day job, my chores, my obligations outside of putting words to page. I want to wake when I wake, write when the voices whisper, then eat, nap, perhaps wander loose, go to … Continue reading 8 of 40 – We’re just going to play for a bit.

5 of 40 – Dream With Me

What if: Voting was made mandatory for all eligible US citizens? Those who were required to but didn't vote would be fined or face jail time. Voting was done online? Much like filing taxes, a secure log in, a couple of key strokes and poof, done. Those without internet access would of course, be directed to polling places … Continue reading 5 of 40 – Dream With Me

Don’t know if I can do 40

Good friend of mine is doing a 40 day blog post deal as a way to rekindle her writing fire. I follow the Artist's Way and do three hand written pages in the mornings -most often right after I wake up, but always before 9:30 am.  Feels more genuine if I stick to a deadline. … Continue reading Don’t know if I can do 40

It’s Not That I Don’t Care…

Or that I'm not interested. It's that it's all still too much to take in. The never ending hate; the underlying fear that his shenanigans will trigger a nuclear World War III that will surely be the end of us all. I continue to BE the love, respect, acceptance, and common sense I seek in … Continue reading It’s Not That I Don’t Care…

Speaking of BuJo-ing with ADOSS

I knew there was something special about my attraction to the BuJo system. For those of you who hadn't seen my previous posts in this short series... Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 In case you're wondering, yes, I'm currently parked at Procrastination Station.  Guess who hasn't written anything … Continue reading Speaking of BuJo-ing with ADOSS

Just a little while longer…

Hiddy Ho good neighbors 🙂 I've got one more life event to get situated. Once that's settled, I will be able to tune back into my creative side and be able to put words to page again.  Good thing seeing as how NaNoWriMo '16 is RIGHT AROUND THE FREAKIN' CORNER.  (lawd how did that happen?) … Continue reading Just a little while longer…

Almost There

Alright - major life happening number two is this Saturday. Woot. Once that's out of the way, I'll take maybe another week or so to re-spawn as they say in Nerd Fitness. I've got to figure out the new plan as I will no longer be an "I" but a part of a "we".  There's … Continue reading Almost There