Eight Legged Freaks…or Good Omens

Either way, I am arachnophobic (is that a proper word?). So what does Life send me as good omens? Uh huh. And it can't be little, tiny ones either. Oh no, it's got to be the urban, jumbo size. Well, at the new house (which I have yet to write about. Maybe this weekend...), I'd … Continue reading Eight Legged Freaks…or Good Omens

Triggered, Part Two

Subsequent thoughts as 3AM rolled into almost 9AM (before things quieted down) I am open to your opinion but will delete any offensive, threatening, or otherwise harmful comments. We don't do that here. My conundrum upon hearing the argument: NO ONE deserves to be on the receiving end of abuse of any kind.  Yet, I … Continue reading Triggered, Part Two

Two O’Clock in the Morning

So there I lay, restless, mind chatter beating the silence into submission. There is work to be done, money to be spent, planning to turn into action. I had been running on impulse power as it was; hoping to take the last two weeks of 2015 off from the side hustle in order to rest … Continue reading Two O’Clock in the Morning