…It was calling my name!

Just a little random nonsense while I sit through the cooties :-). Enjoy. Have you ever bought something because you heard it call to you? You know, you're walking by that one store window and that little cute, whatever it is, in the corner catches your eye and begins to whisper sweet nothings? Yeah, well, … Continue reading …It was calling my name!

What are you afraid of?

I'm in the midst of an audio course and this question was today's topic. I sat and thought about it. I sat still as the obvious answers, those trite replies that always come up at the first utterance of 'fear' or 'afraid', sprang forth with the flair of a 4th of July fireworks display . … Continue reading What are you afraid of?

Day to Day Livin’ – The Arachnophobia Chronicles

It is widely known that I have an acute fear of all things with more than four legs. ¬†Some insects (six legs) don't freak me out, and the occasional slow-moving, extremely fuzzy Caterpillar won't raise much more than an eye-brow when I spy them inching along. But dude, when it comes to spiders...we're talking full … Continue reading Day to Day Livin’ – The Arachnophobia Chronicles