Yesterday, between the hours of six and nine pm I did the following: upgraded this blog to a "personal" plan in order to transform it to a more proper Author's Blog (whatever the hell that is...) kicked my "satinsheetdiva" (oh, the follies of youth) name / persona to the curb, opting for the more author … Continue reading Ch…Ch….Ch…Changes

21 of 40 – I want to scream… rage against the heavens, my language and attitude born of hell. I want to curse the day, to use my ire to rend the sky, letting lighting strike, the thunder shaking the very core of this Earth's foundations. I want to abdicate responsibility, to treat others as they have treated me with not a … Continue reading 21 of 40 – I want to scream…


Definition (as it appears in my life right now): find a new place to live (pay app fees, deposit, 1st month's rent) fix up the normal wear and tear on the old place so as to hopefully get some of my deposit back pack find a storage unit / move non-essentials to storage unit to … Continue reading Overwhelm

My Great Loves

This struck me awhile back and made me wonder how many people in the world get to say that they were able to find some type of closure with the great loves / mega crushes of their pasts? I was able to do that with four of my five and quite frankly, I find that … Continue reading My Great Loves

Utter, Random, Senseless Nonsense

Oh the redundancy. It's fitting though as for some reason I have "Wasting away in Margaritaville / searching for my lost shaker of salt / ....some say there's a woman to blame / but I know, it's my own damn fault" circulating in my head.  My brain has tossed in the occasional, even more random thought or … Continue reading Utter, Random, Senseless Nonsense

Tired of Getting it Wrong

So this expert explains that the reason my books aren't selling is because the covers aren't "right".  Then this self-publishing whiz points out that my books aren't selling because my story isn't "right" for my genre.  Another professional tells me my books aren't selling because I don't know the "right" things about my target audience. … Continue reading Tired of Getting it Wrong